Podcast #430

November 29, 2021

Featuring Sampology, Shawnee Kish, Ashley Shadow and more

Hard-Ons – ‘Notice Me’
Hard-Ons – ‘Stop Crying’
Hard-Ons – ‘Burning Up On Re-Entry’
Becca Hatch – ‘Safety’
Sampology – ‘Suffer and Swim’
The Melawmen Collective – ‘Sail Me Away’
Quinn Pickering – ‘Grapefruit’
Shawnee Kish – ‘Light Me Up’
Dominique Fils-Aimé – ‘While We Wait’
Ashley Shadow – ‘Don’t Slow Me Down’
Larissa Tandy – ‘No Fun’

I was skeptical upon hearing that Tim Rogers of You Am I was joining the Hard-Ons as lead singer, but I must admit, the brand new album ‘Sorry Sir, This Riff’s Been Taken’ is a real banger! We air the single Hold Tight from the record before new tracks from Sampology, The Melawmen Collective, Ashley Shadow and more.

Podcast #429

November 29, 2021

Featuring Cee, BAAB, Chad Vangaalen and more

Shihad – ‘Stations’
Shihad – ‘Gimme Gimmie’
Shihad – ‘La La Land’
Taylah J – ‘White Lies’
Cyndy Moody – ‘Ngany Koorla’
Water Streets – ‘Soulness’
Cee – ‘Stay Woke’
Brendan Scott Friel – ‘All In’
Chad Vangaalen – ‘Samurai Sword’
Mustafa – ‘The Hearse’
BAAB – ‘Moi Aussi’
Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Lito – ‘Run Away With Her’
Ben Lee – ’10 ft. Tall’

Stranded is back from hiatus! Thanks for tuning back into the show. We’re going to continue bi-weekly with an eclectic mix of old and new Aussie and Canadian tracks. This week we feature some of the new generation of Australian Aboriginal artists – Cyndy Moody and Water Streets – and we air the debt single of Queensland-based hip hop artist Taylah J, who is of Samoan descent.

Podcast #428

January 2, 2021

Featuring Children Collide, The Garrys, Close Talker and more

Wafia – ‘I’m Good’ [AU]
Lonelyspeck – ‘My Angel Goes Before Me’ [AU]
Children Collide – ‘Jellylegs’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Rebellion’ [AU]
Sweater Curse – ‘Close’ [AU]
Bitter Defeat – ‘Light That Shines’ [AU]
The Garrys – ‘Love Potions’ [CA]
Megan Nash – ‘Artifact’ [CA]
Close Talker – ‘Second Best – Berlin Version’ [CA]
The Dead South – ‘Black Lung’ [CA]
Sarah Jane Scouten – ‘Chaste Tree & Pennyroyal’ [CA]
Pharis & Jason Romero – ‘World Stops Turning’ [CA]
Courtney Barnett – ‘Boxing Day Blues (Revisited)’ [AU]

Junkee.com has another awesomely curated list – The 200 Greatest Australian Songs Of All Time! I’d like to get through at least part of this list in future shows. We start out this week with three tracks from the rear end of the list. We also feature new tracks from some artists from Saskatchewan and some of the nominees of this year’s Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Podcast #427

January 2, 2021

Featuring Tessa Thames, TV Freaks, Freelove Fenner and more

Billy Bragg – ‘Ontario Quebec and Me’ [UK]
The Posies – ‘Ontario’ [US]
The Mountain Goats – ‘Ontario’ [US]
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – ‘Born In Ontario’ [CA]
Lonely Boys – ‘The Hunter’ [AU]
Tessa Thames – ’50K Carat’ [AU]
Celibate Rifles – ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (cover)’ [AU]
Jemma & The Good Thing – ‘When You Come Home’ [CA]
Dennis Ellsworth – ‘Becuz of U’ [CA]
Freelove Fenner – ‘Shoulder Season’ [CA]
Eve Parker Finley – ‘Clouds’ [CA]
TV Freaks – ‘Souvenir’ [CA]
New Fries – ‘Bangs’ [CA]
Trent Agecoutay – ‘Shopping Stoned at Christmas’ [CA]
Adrift – ‘I See Christmas’ [CA]

This week we start with four tracks with ‘Ontario’ in the title. We share a track from a new covers EP from the now defunct Celibate Rifles, called Extracts From The Fungus, featuring tracks that were recorded in the 80s for an intended album that was never released. Also featured is Christmas tunes from Canadian artists Trent Agecoutay and Adrift.

Podcast #426

December 5, 2020

Featuring Lola Scott, The Moon Runners, Terry Uyarak and more

Big Star – ‘Kangaroo’ [US]
Cosmic Psychos – ‘Dead Roo’ [AU]
Guided By Voices – ‘I Love Kangaroos’ [US]
Telescreen – ‘Moving On’ [AU]
Rebel Yell – ‘Saving Grace’ [AU]
Lola Scott – ‘The Eviction Song’ [AU]
Black Thunder – ‘The Black Rag’ [CA]
Midnight Gallows – ‘Burn In The Sun’ [CA]
The Moon Runners – ‘Danceboy.exe’ [CA]
Terry Uyarak – ‘Anuri’ [CA]
Mi’ens – ‘Charge Dodger’ [CA]
The Cyrillic Typewriter – ‘Torn Pocket’ [CA]

This week we kick off the show with three tracks about kangaroos from legendary US bands Big Star and Guided By Voices and pub-rock legends Cosmic Psychos. We air a new track from Illawarra, NSW-based indie pop artist Lola Scott and three nominees in the metal category for this year’s Saskatchewan Music AwardsBlack Thunder, Midnight Gallows and The Moon Runners.