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Podcast #418

September 5, 2020

Featuring Greg Orre, Cayley Thomas, Yves Jarvis and more

Women – ‘Can’t You See’ [CA]
Women – ‘Narrow With The Hall’ [CA]
Women – ‘Penal Colony’ [CA]
Apricot Ink -‘ Lucky Rainbow’ [AU]
Black Cypress – ‘Crow’s Nest’ [AU]
We All Drive – ‘Kingscliff’ [AU]
Cayley Thomas – ‘Two Minds’ [CA]
Greg Orre – ‘I’ve Learned (I Was A Fool)’ [CA]
Yves Jarvis – ‘For Props’ [CA]
Hello Blue Roses – ‘Wild Angels’ [CA]
Brutal Poodle – ‘Night Creeps’ [CA]
Jemma & The Good Thing – ‘Side Of The Road’ [CA]
The Saints – ‘Follow The Leader’ [AU]

The acclaimed 2nd album from Calgary’s post-punk band Women, ‘Public Strain’, came out 10 years ago. We air three tracks from the record this week, before introducing Apricot Ink and Black Cypress from Canberra. There’s also new music from Hello Blue Roses and Brutal Poodle from Vancouver and we share the debut single from Jemma & The Good Thing from Edmonton via Cortez Island.

Stranded podcast #126

September 15, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Geoff Berner about Vancouver’s 5th annual Accordion Noir Festival and Sara Lapsley interviews Pete and Donal from glam/punk band Flash Bastard.  The 3rd and final part of the interview will be broadcast next week *

This week I finally had the chance to interview one of the Canadian musicians that I most admire – the ever-provocative and wildly entertaining Geoff Berner. Geoff’s most recent release ‘Victory Party’ (Mint Records), reveals the song-writing smarts of a real folk music boundary-pusher.  And I highly recommend his ‘Live In Oslo’ release from 2006 which records a memorable evening of Berner’s trade-mark accordion-filled mayhem and biting social commentary.  Today on the show you can hear Geoff speak about the Accordion Noir Festival, a now yearly event, which is taking place in Vancouver from Thursday through to Sunday this week.

And we have an extra-special gift on the show today as Sara Lapsley interviews Donal and Pete from Vancouver glam/punk band Flash Bastard.  Charismatic front man Donal Finn reveals some comical episodes on the road with Motley Crue and Scorpions back in the day when the band were signed to Nikki Sixx’s Americoma label.  Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of the interview!

On today’s show you will also get a chance to hear a few tracks from much lauded Calgary art-rock band Women, who are sadly no longer with us following the untimely death of Chris Reimer.  And right at the top of the show are three tracks from Australia’s 70s blues-boogie hard-rock era.  Enjoy!  MG

Buffalo – ‘Lucky’
Wendy Saddington – ‘Backlash Blues’ [AU]
Rose Tattoo – ‘Bad Boy For Love’ [AU]
Women – ‘Lawn Care’ [CA]
Women – ‘Black Rain’ [CA]
Women – ‘January 8th’ [CA]
Flash Bastard – ‘Rock n Roll Must Be Destroyed’ [CA]
Interview with Flash Bastard Pt 1
Flash Bastard – ‘C’mon’ [CA]
Interview with Flash Bastard Pt 2
Flash Bastard – ‘Psycho’ [CA]
Geoff Berner – ‘Whiskey Rabbi’ [CA]
Interview with Geoff Berner Pt 1
Geoff Berner – ‘Victory Party’ [CA]
Interview with Geoff Berner Pt 2
Geoff Berner – ‘That’s what keeps the rent down baby’ (live) [CA]

Featured video: Geoff Berner – ‘Whiskey Rabbi’ (2005)

Stranded playlist 28 Feb 2011

February 28, 2011

*Featuring an exclusive interview with Kim Churchill, recorded backstage at the Media Club, Vancouver, BC*

The Falling Joys – ‘Lock It’ [AU]
The Clouds – ‘Bower Of Bliss’ [AU]
Penny Flanagan – ‘Lap It Up’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Turns To Stone’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 1
Kim Churchill – ‘Truest Intentions’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 2
Kim Churchill – ‘With Sword and Shield’ [AU]
San Cisco – ‘Solitude Is Bliss’ [AU]
Women – ‘Venice Lockjaw’ [CA]
The Salteens – ‘Sunnyside Street’ [CA]
Sloan – ‘Take It Upon Yourself’ [CA]
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul history (I was born blind) [AU]

Featured video: Kim Churchill – ‘Truest Intentions’ (2010)

Stranded playlist 4 Oct 2010

October 4, 2010

Screamfeeder – ‘Hole Of Blood’ [AU]
Screamfeeder – ‘Bad Time To Be Leaving Town’ [AU]
Screamfeeder – ‘Hi Cs’ [AU]
Darren Hanlon – ‘Butterfly Bones’ [AU]
The Cashews – ‘Tuggeranong Parkway’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Shuck’ [AU]
The Slow Beings – ‘People Leave Heaven’ [AU]
Jen Lane – ‘Grey Skies’ [CA]
Gold Rush – ‘Broke (Modest Mouse)’ [CA]
Women – ‘Can’t You See’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘You Can Dance’ [CA]
Chad VanGaalen – ‘Clinically Dead’ [CA]

Featured video: Screamfeeder – ‘Hi Cs’ [1997]