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Stranded podcast #251

June 5, 2015

* Featuring an interview with singer-songwriter Lindsey White *

This week we are joined by singer-songwriter Lindsey White, who phones all the way from her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba!  Lindsey is touring western Canada in support of her latest release ‘Renegades’, an album long in the making and inspired by hugely transformative events in her life. Such was the emotional turbulence of that period that Lindsey decided to write a companion book for the album.  Today Lindsey speaks of the origins of the record and fills us in on the valuable and fascinating service she performs teaching inner city kids music in Winnipeg.

Featured video: Lindsey White – ‘The Let Me Be Song’ (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #225

November 28, 2014

* Interview with indie-pop band wild/kind *

This week we are joined in the studio by all four members of Vancouver-based indie-pop band wild/kind! wild/kind are a new addition to the Vancouver scene with a debut EP and a handful of shows under their belt.  They formed after lead singer Johnny posted a want-ad asking for folks who were fans of legendary east coast band Eric’s Trip.  One of the talented people who answered was drummer Natalie who happens to be from Christchurch New Zealand!  So, naturally wild/kind was an ideal band to pop in to the show and chat for a rather pleasant hour.

Featured video:  wild/kind – ‘Some Hon. Members: Oh oh!’ (live) [2013]