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Stranded podcast #228

December 23, 2014

* Interview with record collector Ed Lasko *

Today we invite onto the show a true music enthusiast and dedicated record collector Ed Lasko!  Ed has built an impressive collection of 7″ singles throughout his life, with his main specialities being pre-1960s rockabilly and early rock n roll.  His investigations have helped him unearth some hidden gems from the early rock and country music history of both Australia and New Zealand.  Tune in to hear Ed spin his own prized singles by artists such as Johnny O’Keefe, Slim Dusty, Johnny Rebb and even Luke Simmons, a native of the lower mainland of British Columbia who amazingly left his homeland to become New Zealand’s first ever country music star!

Featured video: Johnny Rebb and the Rebels – ‘Rock On’ [1959]



Stranded podcast #221

October 26, 2014

* Featuring tracks by Sydney band The Whitlams as tribute to the passing of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam *

This past week marked the passing of the 21st Prime Minister of Australia – Gough Whitlam. He was 98 years old.  Gough was PM from 5 December 1972 – 11 November 1975.  During this period he enacted a wide range of progressive policies, including free health care and university education, Aboriginal land rights and the establishment of the publicly-funded 2JJJ radio, which became the much-loved institution JJJ.  He even inspired the formation of a band – The Whitlams, formed by songwriter/pianist Tim Freedman, and the late Stevie Plunder and Andy Lewis.   We play three early Whitlams’ songs today, including their ‘theme song’ of sorts called ‘Gough’ which references the famous and controversial ‘dismissal’ of Gough as PM, by the Governor General, on Nov 11 1975.

Featured video: The Whitlams – ‘Gough’ [1993]