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Stranded podcast #259

August 11, 2015
  • Singer-songwriter Liz Stringer LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Occasionally a bona-fide Australian touring musician makes his or her way to Vancouver and even as far as CiTR radio for an interview and live session on Stranded! This week I jumped at the chance to meet one of Australia’s most respect singer-songwriters – the legendary Liz Stringer from Melbourne. Vancouver is the first stop on Liz’s inaugural Canadian tour. Listeners are in for a real treat as Liz shares three flawlessly written and soulfully performed acoustic songs. She also fills us in on the joys of her recent recording session in Portland, OR and speaks of her life in Melbourne, including her supportive musical connection with Mick Thomas of Weddings Parties Anything.

Featured video: Liz Stringer – ‘High Open Hills’ (live) [2013]

Stranded podcast #131

October 20, 2012

*Featuring tracks from Midnight Oil and Part 1 of an interview with First Nations singer-songwriter Dom Amero from Winnipeg *

Iconic British folk singer and activist Billy Bragg, will soon be joining the panel discussion on the ABC TV Q&A program, along with some Australian politicians, including Peter Garret, former lead singer of Midnight Oil and Senator for the Labor Patty.  Bragg and Garrett are both known for their outspoken views on progressive political issues, so this show is sure to provide a thought-provoking exchange.  Today we air some Midnight Oil tracks spanning from the self-titled record of 1978 through to 1998′s ‘Redneck Wonderland’ record.  Following this is Billy Bragg, performing a live version of a rare song by Weddings Parties Anything.

Don Amero is a fine example of the new generation of hard-working independent Canadian First Nations singer-songwriters who are building solidarity through quality record releases and widespread touring.  This week I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Amero’s most recent album ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, which contains a set of subtle acoustic tunes that sprung from a burst of inspiration following the birth of his child. Today on show I speak with Amero about his journey from a difficult upbringing in Winnipeg to his life-altering decision to purse music full time, and the growing movement of Aboriginal artists to connecting internationally.

Midnight Oil – ‘Powderworks’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be The One’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Kosciusko'[AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘My Country’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Truganini’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Redneck Wonderland’ [AU]
Billy Bragg – ‘Ship In My Harbour’ (live) [UK]
Don Amero – ‘Can I Be Made New’ [CA]
Interview with Don Amero Pt 1
Don Amero – ‘Sound Of Us Going Down’ [CA]

Featured video:  Don Amero – ‘What Do You Wanna Do?’ [2012]

ozstranded podcast #102

March 3, 2012

*Featuring a retrospective on Melbourne folk/rock band Weddings Parties Anything*

Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Father’s Day’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Taylor Square’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Step In, Step Out’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Money Cuts You Out’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘The Rain In My Heart’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Island of Humor’ (w/Billy Bragg) [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Houses’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Don’t need much’  [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘A Decent Cup Of Coffee’ [AU]
Mick Thomas – ‘Woody’s First Wife’ [AU]
Andromeda-2085 – ‘Electric Cars’ [AU]
PNAU – ‘Unite Us’ [AU]
Cut Copy – ‘Blink and You’ll Miss A Revolution’ [AU]
Daniel Moir – ‘Fruitless Journey’ [CA]
Grimes – ‘Infinite Without Fulfillment’ [CA]
Grimes – ‘Genesis’ [CA]
Synthcake – ‘Musicophilia’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘I Hate Being Late’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘Bring It Home’ [CA]

Featured video: ‘Island of Humor’ (live) [1994]