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Podcast #324

February 3, 2018

Featuring Waterford, Caiti Baker, Kellarissa and more

78-Saab – ‘One Of These Days’ [AU]
Sidewinder – ‘Not Coming Home’ [AU]
East Row Rabble – ‘Aliens In My Brain’ [AU]
Waterford – ‘Charades’ [AU]
Pink Tea – ‘smoko’ [AU]
Caiti Baker – ‘Rough Old Town’ [AU]
Fletcher Gull – ‘Light Up’ [AU]
Kellarissa – ‘Ocean Electric’ [CA]
Chris-a-Riffic – ‘Fresh Bruise’ [CA]
Theresa Michelle Mohr – ‘Fox Tracks’ [CA]
The Alkemist – ‘The Moment’ [CA]

This week we debut new tracks from two Canberra bands – the single ‘Aliens in my Brain’ by funk/ska/blues/soul Canberra band East Row Rabble, featuring Ben Drysdale (we interviewed Ben way back in 2010 when he was visiting Vancouver!) and ‘Charades’ by long-running quality indie band Waterford. We also introduce listeners to Northern Territory-based r&b/soul artist Caiti Baker, Toronto-based Australian ex-pat Fletcher Gull and Theresa Michelle Mohr of northern BC.

Stranded podcast #181

December 21, 2013

* Featuring Canberra band Falling Joys and some Vancouver bands playing Christmas songs *

Falling Joys formed in Canberra in 1983 and by the late 80s, following a move to Sydney, were at the forefront of the Australian indie scene.  Their 1990 album Wish List was even released on Netwerk Records in Vancouver!  You can hear the three singles from this indie classic at the top end of the show.

Keeping to the theme of sounds from the nation’s capital, thanks to Pete Huet of Waterford, I received a package of CDs from Canberra bands Super Best Friends, Hoodlum Shouts, Shoeb AhmadSpartak and From The South.

Merry xmas loyal listeners!  A range of Vancouver bands pay tribute to the holidays in our final set of songs.

Featured video: Falling Joys – ‘You’re A Mess’ (1990)

ozstranded podcast #101

February 4, 2012

* Featuring, in full, the 1978 classic LP ‘Eternally Yours’ by The Saints and an interview with Jesse Dee of Jesse Dee and Jacqui B (now known as Picture The Ocean) *

The Saints – ‘Know Your Product’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Lost and Found’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Memories Are Made Of This’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Private Affair’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘No, Your Product’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘This Perfect Day’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Run Down’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Orstralia’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘New Centre Of The Universe’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Untitled’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘(I’m) Misunderstood’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘International Robots’ [AU]
Waterford – Tomorrow Again’ [AU]
Waterford – ‘Renovator’s Dream’ [AU]
Waterford – ‘Reasoned’ [AU]
Sons Of Mercury – ‘Peacock and the Vulture’ [AU]
Jesse Dee and Jacquie B – ‘Straggler’ [CA]
Interview with Jesse Dee Part 1
Jesse Dee and Jacquie B – ‘In Between’ [CA]
Interview with Jesse Dee Part 2
Jesse Dee and Jacquie B – ‘Our Ghosts Will Fill These Walls’ [CA]

Featured video: The Saints – ‘This Perfect Day’ (live) [1978]

Stranded playlist 03 Jan 2011

January 3, 2011

The Easybeats – ‘She’s So Fine’ [AU]
Russell Morris – ‘The Real Thing’ [AU]
The Masters Apprentices – ‘Turn Up Your Radio’ [AU]
The Woohoo Revue – ‘Expresso’ [AU]
The Woohoo Revue – ‘Jigsaw’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘Sunshine’ [AU]
Waterford- ‘Weekend With Sally’ [AU]
Black Mountain – ‘Let Spirits Ride’ [CA]
The Spreads – ‘Crash Test’ [CA]
Nadia Van Hahn – ‘Like Water’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Gimme Gasoline’ [CA]
Le Gem – ‘Werewolf’ [CA]
Paul Kelly – ‘How To Make Gravy’ [AU]

Featured video: Masters Apprentices – ‘Turn Up Your Radio’ (1970)