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Stranded podcast #268

October 18, 2015

*Featuring First Nations folk singer Andy Mason LIVE in the CiTR studio *

We are joined this week by a very extra special guest – Ottawa-based Mohawk First Nations singer-songwriter Andy Mason!  Andy has strong connections to British Columbia as he previously lived in Vancouver for 11 years where he befriended fellow folk musicians Joey Only and David Roy Parsons.  David, who also joins us on the show today, has invited Andy down to play at the Oct 16 fundraiser for the Artscan organisation which supports Indigenous youth in northern Canada. Andy shares three powerful protest songs from his extensive catalog, starting off with the classic ‘Long Walk 49 Song’.

Featured video:  Andy Mason – ‘Long Walk 49’ (live) [2011]

Stranded podcast #199

May 21, 2014

* Interview with Ma Petite and To Stowaway LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today is a fine example of why this radio show exists – two special musical guests who have come all the way across the oceans from Australia! And that’s especially true for Matthew of Melbourne-based project To Stowaway, who has recently embarked in the Pacific North West following a weeks-long journey by boat from Sydney. Matthew speaks of his experiences road-tripping through the USA and plays us a tune live in the studio that he wrote for his partner and that references the city of Portland, OR.

But first up we hear from Indiana Avent aka Ma Petite, another resident of Melbourne, who is about to kick-off the release of her debut album and first ever Canadian tour. Indiana previously spent a few years living in Vancouver. She recorded her record here in her much-loved second home, through an inspired and lengthy process involving multiple studios and contributions from friends.

Featured video: Ma Petite – ‘Lonesome’ [2013]