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Podcast #400

April 25, 2020

Featuring Jillian Lake, Elf Pity, Kim Barlow and more

Young Modern – ‘Automatic’ [AU]
The Zimmermen – ‘Don’t Go To Sydney’ [AU]
John Dowler – ‘Golden Days’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Babies Bite Back (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Choose Bad Smack (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘The Mystery of the Artist Explained (live)’ [AU]
Pharis & Jason Romero – ‘Hometown Blues’ [CA]
Rich Aucoin – ‘How It Breaks’ [CA]
Wares – ‘Living Proof’ [CA]
Elf Pity – ‘Fisher’ [CA]
Jillian Lake – ‘Bleed Baby Bleed’ [CA]
Minimus Rex – ‘The Strangest of Ways’ [CA]
Phuture Memoriez – ‘Nrg or Nrj’ [CA]
Kim Barlow – ‘String Bean’ [CA]

After some classic Aussie power pop from John Dowler‘s bands Young Modern and The Zimmermen, we have a real treat this week with tracks from a surprise archival release from the legendary anarchic alternative rock band TISM – ‘Live At The Corner Hotel 30 May 1988’. In the Canadian half of the show you can hear the latest single from Pharis & Jason Romero from Horsefly BC, and a track by Minimus Rex which is his reflection on his Covid-19 isolation.

Podcast #394

March 1, 2020

Featuring Victory Lap, Rose Cousins, Jim Alxndr and more

Split Enz – ‘I Got You’ [NZ]
Split Enz – ‘Shark Attack’ [NZ]
Split Enz – ‘I Hope I Never’ [NZ]
Victory Lap – ‘Question Mark’ [AU]
Ben Lee – ‘Sugar Kane’ [AU]
Jim Alxndr – ‘Slave ft. Angie McMahon’ [AU]
Andy Shauf – ‘Neon Skyline’ [CA]
Gordon Lightfoot – ‘Oh So Sweet’ [CA]
Rose Cousins – ‘The Return (Love Comes Back)’ [CA]
Tough Age – ‘Waiting Here’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘The Surprise Knock’ [CA]
Destroyer – ‘Kinda Dark’ [CA]
TISM – ‘I’ll ‘Ave Ya!’ [AU]

Split Enz are a legendary band from New Zealand, who were popular in the last 70s to early 80s and who featured the songwriting talents of Neil and Tim Finn. We kick off this week’s show with three tracks from the True Colours album (1980), starting off with the extraordinary single ‘I Got You.’ Victory Lap is the latest project of Melbourne’s Alex Badham (formerly Aleks and The Ramps) and we air a track from their debut record as well as a Sonic Youth cover that Ben Lee has released on his latest record Quarter Century Classix.

Stranded playlist 31 Jan 2011

January 31, 2011

TISM – ‘Defecate on my face’ [AU]
TISM interview (youtube)
TISM – ‘Greg, The Stop Sign!’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Thunderbirds Are Coming Out’ [AU]
Children Collide – ‘Jelly legs’ [AU]
Boy and Bear – ‘Fall At Your Feet’ [AU]
Toby Richardson – ‘The Stones and the Rabbits’ [AU]
Trinity Roots – ‘Little Things’ [NZ]
Pete and Fiete – ‘Custard Rose’ [AU]
Ladner – ‘Warpenheimer’ [CA]
No Gold – ‘Miami’ [CA]
Destroyer – ‘Chinatown’ [CA]

Featured video: TISM – ‘Thunderbirds Are Coming Out’ (1998)