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Stranded podcast #218

October 4, 2014

* Interview with Jake from Holzkopf, Other Jesus and the Red Gate Arts Society *

Today we interview an eclectic artist named Jake Hardy, who pushes boundaries with his noise/electronica project Holzkopf and gives back to the community through is work with the Red Gate Arts Society.  Jake speaks about the origins of Red Gate and the challenges inherent in keeping a music venue and art space viable in Vancouver.   You will hear a track from the brand new holzkopf / mindkontrolultra split 12″, which is the first ever recording to come out on the Red Gate Recording label, as well as a track from Jake’s side project, three piece band Other Jesus

Featured video: Other Jesus – ‘Believe’ [2014]


Stranded podcast #156

June 14, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Adam Deane, Edmonton-based Aboriginal hip hop performer and music producer *

First up on the show are a handful of tracks from You Am I lead singer Tim Rogers, as we revisit the solo records ‘Ghosts Songs/Dirty Ron’ (2005) with his band The Temperance Union, and ‘The Luxury of Hysteria’ (2007).  I’m excited to track down the re-issues of the first three You Am I albums with bonus discs of b-sides and rarities which we’ll feature on the show in due course.

An extra-special interview today as Aboriginal hip hop artist and producer Adam Deane phones through from Edmonton, Alberta. Adam does some amazing work encouraging healthy lifestyles and well being for Aboriginal youth in his community through the Youth Expressions Workshop.   Tune in to hear Adam speak about his work and feature some of acts on his roster at Identity Records.   This is some impressive hip-hop with deeply positive lyrical messages.

Brightly are an electronic/folk trio from Melbourne who have a wonderful new single release called ‘Preflight Nerves’.  Check out the neat interactive Twitter video below!   And lots of great new music from British Columbia with a track from the band new SHED album and the CiTR radio debut of singer-songwriter Leonard Pennifold who treats us with two of his exuberant tracks from the album ‘Money Scars.’   Super-energetic all-female acts Hooves and Bushtit are playing together in Vancouver this weekend before Bushtit embarks on their first ever tour.  Enjoy the tunes!

Tim Rogers – ‘Dumb’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Wild One’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Do It Again'[AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘My Brother’s Room’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘You Absolutely Charming Man’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Goodnight Boys’ [AU]
Brightly – ‘Preflight Nerves’ [AU]
Brightly – ‘Sarah’
Collective Conscience – ‘Turn On The Mike’ [CA]
Interview with Adam Deane Pt 1
D’Riginal ft. Brandi – ‘Save My Soul’ [CA]
Genesis, Brandi, Young Illusion – ‘Native With Attitude (Tonto)’ [CA]
Interview with Adam Deane Pt 2
Brandi – ‘My Little Shy Shy’ [CA]
SHED – ‘Carry That Load’ [CA]
Leonard Pennifold -‘Cartwheels’ [CA]
Leonard Pennifold – ‘Money Scars’ [CA]
Hooves – ‘Mooves Like Katty’ [CA]
Bushtit – ‘Neon Chandeliers’ [CA]
Derek Wheeler – ‘Pretxelz’ [CA]

Featured video:  Brightly – ‘Pre-flight Nerves’ [2013]

Stranded podcast #120

July 28, 2012

* Featuring the classic ‘Weedseed’ 7″ from Woollongong stoner legends Tumbleweed *

Last weekend during the Khatsalano Fest in Kits, I strolled into Zulu Records and stumbled across a copy of the classic ‘Weedseed‘ 7″ by Tumbleweed!  What an amazing find.  It’s a beautiful 2 x orange vinyl with a photo pasted inside and cool artwork by Lenny.  Tumbleweed was the first live band I ever saw in Canberra and I always kept up with what they were doing on record.  It’s exciting to hear they have re-formed and are recording again as well.  I wonder if they’ll ever make it to North America…? Today on the show I couldn’t help but play the whole EP in it’s entirety, going right back to 1992.  For many listeners, this may be an introduction to a this classic ‘stoner’ band from Woollongong.  I’m sure you’ll be hungry for more!

Also on today’s show I feature a couple of Australian bands that are gaining attention from listeners in the US – Twerps and Royal Headache.  Both of these bands have been added to many college station playlists in the past few weeks.  Exciting stuff.  I play a track from the debut album by Australian indie rockers The Valery Trails and finish up with some local tracks by prominent folkies Geoff Berner and Buckman Coe.  MG

Tumbleweed – ‘Fish Out Of Water’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – The Sky Is High’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Fritz’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Come & Get It’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Rainbow Waterwillow’ [AU]
Lower Plenty – ‘Nullarbor’ [AU]
Emma Russack – ‘Tonight’ [AU]
The Dirty Three – ‘Rising Below’ [AU]
Twerps – ‘Who Are You?’ [AU]
Royal Headache – ‘Never Again’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Go On Out, Get Home’ [AU]
The Valery Trails – ‘On The Perfume River’ [AU]
Peter Black – ‘Looking For The Devil In Every Detail’ [AU]
Geoff Berner and the Associates – ‘Light Enough to Travel (live)’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Not So Far Fetched’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Leaving Samskara’ [CA]

Featured video: Tumbleweed – ‘Rainbow Waterwillow’ (live) [2009]

Stranded playlist 14 October 2011

October 15, 2011

*Featuring an exclusive interview with You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, recorded backstage at the Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon*

The Ruffled Feathers – ‘Home’ [CA]
Lightning Dust – ‘Listened On’ [CA]
Hard Drugs – ‘Terminal City’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Geisha with a Switchblade’ [CA]
You Am I – ‘Berlin Chair’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Adam’s Ribs’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Ordinary’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Cathy’s Clown’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Jewels and Bullets’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Purple Sneakers’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Rogers Part 1
You Am I – ‘I’m A Mess’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘It Ain’t Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Beau Geste’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Rogers Part II
Tim Rogers – ‘You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘When Yer Sad’ [AU]
Tim Rogers – ‘Paragon Cafe’ [AU]

Featured video: Tim Rogers – ‘You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far’ (1999)

Stranded playlist 08 July 2011

July 9, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1995 record Hi Fi Way by Sydney’s You Am I *

You Am I – Ain’t Gone and Open [AU]
You Am I – Minor Byrd [AU]
You Am I – She Digs Her [AU]
Interview with Tim Rogers re making of Hi Fi Way (youtube)
You Am I – Cathy’s Clown [AU]
You Am I – Purple Sneakers [AU]
You Am I – Pizza Guy [AU]
Interview with Tim Rogers from ABC TV’s ‘Enough Rope’ 
You Am I – Applecross Wing Commander [AU]
You Am I – Stray [AU]
You Am I – Handwasher [AU]
You Am I – Punkarella [AU]
You Am I – Ken (Mother Nature’s Son) [AU]
You Am I – Gray [AU]
You Am I – How Much Is Enough [AU]

Featured video:  You Am I – ‘Purple Sneakers’ (1995)