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Stranded playlist 29 October 2011

October 29, 2011

* Part 4 of the ‘Stranded’ special on The Church, featuring an exclusive three-part interview with drummer and producer, Tim Powles*

The Jolts – ‘I Wanna Dig (Where The Xs Are)’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘The Dabbler’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Yesterday’s News’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Red Winged Blackbird’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Torn Screen Door’ [CA]
The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Pangaea’ [AU]
The Church – ‘No Certainty Attached’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Another Earth’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 1
Hammock (featuring Tim Powles) – ‘Verse for Forgiveness’ [US/AU]
The Church – ‘Happenstance’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 2
Mark Moldre – ‘The Buzzing Of Bees’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Lighthouse’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Words Fail’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 3
The Church – ‘Lunar’ [AU]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ (live in Seattle) [2009]