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Stranded podcast #267

October 18, 2015

* Featuring singer-songwriter CJ Nash LIVE in the CiTR studio *

We’re fortunate this week to invite yet another Australian ex-pat into the studio this week for a chat and live set!  CJ Nash is an experienced multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, who actually now lives in Vancouver, working in film and also at the Railway Club.  CJ is in great spirits as he fills listeners in on what life is like the Melbourne music scene and he shares some of his first original songs that we wrote in Vancouver.  He speaks of how crossing the oceans to this new home helped inspire him to step out from behind the drum kit in other people’s bands and start performing as a solo artist.

Featured video: CJ Nash – ‘Not Coming Home’ [2015]

Stranded podcast #212

August 15, 2014

*Interview with Mark and Pete from Mark Kleiner Power Trio *

We have an interview with a true original today- Mark Kleiner – a talented stalwart of Vancouver’s music scene of the 90s, who took an about-turn in 1999, moving to Saskatchewan and committing to a Masters of Theology.  This led him to become a minster of the Lutheran Church.  Mark returned to Vancouver for a short time in 2002 to record a classic power-pop album as Mark Kleiner Power Trio.  The trio has reformed in Vancouver for a one-off show tonight at the FOX Theatre, with proceeds going to the Somali refugee effort.  Tune in to hear Mark and bassist Pete Mills speak of their fascinating lives in music and beyond!

Featured video: Mark Kleiner Power Trio – ‘Beautiful Slide’ [2002]