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ozstranded podcast #104

March 24, 2012

* Featuring tracks from the compilation ‘Team Mint 20’ and the Super Wild Horses ‘Fifteen’ record.*

The Awkward Stage – ‘Anime Eyes’ [CA]
Bella – ‘Give It A Night’ [CA]
Immaculate Machine – ‘Jarhand’ [CA]
The Organ – ‘Brother’ [CA]
Mark Kleiner Power Trio – ‘Beautiful Smile’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Letter From An Occupant’ [CA]
Carolyn Mark – ‘Edmonton’ [CA]
The Smugglers – ‘Buddy Holly Convention’ [CA]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Lock and Key’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Fifteen’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Mess Around’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Adrian’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Enigma (You Say So)’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Carolina’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Degrassi’ [AU]
Super Wild Horses – ‘Stranger by the Day’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Dressed Sharply’ [AU]
An Horse – ‘Brain On A Table’ [AU]
Bliss N Esso – ‘Climb These Cliffs’ [AU]
Bliss N Esso – ‘$5 steak’ [AU]
Isidore – ‘Life Somewhere Else’ [AU]

Featured video:  Super Wild Horses – ‘Fifteen’ [2010]

Stranded playlist 09 December 2011

December 10, 2011

* Featuring Adelaide’s The Mark Of Cain and ‘Barkhammer’, their first single release in 10 yrs *

The Mark Of Cain – ‘Battlesick’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘First Time’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Hindsight’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘LMA’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Familiar Territory’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Degenerate Boy’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Barkhammer’ [AU]
The Middle East – ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’ [AU]
Isidore – ‘Life Somewhere Else’ [AU]
Architecture In Helsinki – ‘Moment Bends’ [AU]
Geoffrey O’Connor – ‘Whatever Leads Me To You’ [AU]
Jack Ladder – ‘Cold Feet’ [AU]
Fortresss – ‘More Remains’ [CA]
Hole In My Head – ‘Wasted Youth’ [CA]
Hole In My Head – ‘Not Here’ [CA]
Hole In My Head – ‘Staring Contest’ [CA]
Mark Kleiner Power Trio – ‘Beautiul Slide’ [CA]
The Smugglers – ‘Buddy Holly Convention’ [CA]
Cub – ‘New York’ [CA]
Neil Young and the International Harvesters – ‘Grey Riders’ (live) [CA]

Featured video: The Mark Of Cain – ‘Familier Territory’ (2001)


Stranded playlist 22 July 2011

July 23, 2011

*Featuring a live phone interview with Beth from Melbourne’s The Little Stevies*

The Birthday Party – ‘Junkyard’ [AU]
The Birthday Party – ‘Jennifer’s Veil’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘I’m Gonna Kill That Woman’ [AU]
The Little Stevies – ‘The Day We Went Away’ [AU]
Chat with Beth from the Little Stevies
The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ [AU]
Nova Scotia – ‘The World Is Not Enough’ [AU]
The Missing Lincolns – ‘Queanbeyan Flats’ [AU]
The Re-Mains – ‘Your Reward’ [AU]
The Smugglers – ‘Whiplash’ [CA]
Bill Bourne and the Radio Free Band – ‘Deep Dark Woods’ [CA]
Rural Alberta Advantage – ‘The Breakup’ [CA]
Hot Panda – ‘Evil Nature’ [CA]
B-Lines – ‘Hastings Strut’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Little Stevies – ‘Feel It’ (2011)