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Stranded podcast #132

November 3, 2012

* Featuring tracks from Vancouver punk legends Pointed Sticks and Part 1 of an interview with Chris Basaraba, luthier and proprietor of Basone Guitar Shop in Vancouver  *

This Saturday night, legendary first-generation Vancouver punk band Pointed Sticks play their final ever show at the Rickshaw. After splitting in 1981 following adventures and mishaps in England, much touring in Canada and the recording of their  album, ‘Perfect Youth’, the band remarkably reformed in 2006 for a run of Canadian and Japanese dates.  The second coming of the Pointed Sticks also led to the ‘Three Wrongs Make a Left’ LP release which holds up strongly when compared to their original youthful recording.  Today on the show you can hear three tracks apiece from each of these records.

Chris Basaraba is a true rarity – a highly skilled luthier who apprenticed in the traditional trade of guitar construction during the 90s before opening his own custom-made guitar shop – Basone Guitars – in East Vancouver. I had a chance to chat with Chris this week about what it’s like to be working as a luthier in today’s world. You can hear part 1 of this interview on the show today.

Pointed Sticks – ‘Perfect Youth’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘American Song’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘Part of the Noise’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘She’s Not Alone Anymore’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘Sentimental Fool’ [CA]
Pointed Sticks – ‘All Night’ [CA]
Interview with Chris Basaraba from Basone Guitars
Titan’s Eve – ‘Judgement’ [CA]
Handsome Distraction – ‘Intervention’ [CA]
Dom Fricot – ‘Haunted by Love’ [CA]
Wiser Fool – ‘What’s Been Said?’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Lips (I Want Your)’ [CA]
Julia Stone – ‘By The Horns’ [AU]
Sophie Hutchings – ‘Twilight Zone’ [AU]
Tamaryn – ‘The Garden’ [NZ]

Featured video – Pointed Sticks – ‘Out Of Luck’ [1980]

Stranded playlist 29 October 2011

October 29, 2011

* Part 4 of the ‘Stranded’ special on The Church, featuring an exclusive three-part interview with drummer and producer, Tim Powles*

The Jolts – ‘I Wanna Dig (Where The Xs Are)’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘The Dabbler’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Yesterday’s News’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Red Winged Blackbird’ [CA]
David Francey – ‘Torn Screen Door’ [CA]
The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Pangaea’ [AU]
The Church – ‘No Certainty Attached’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Another Earth’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 1
Hammock (featuring Tim Powles) – ‘Verse for Forgiveness’ [US/AU]
The Church – ‘Happenstance’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 2
Mark Moldre – ‘The Buzzing Of Bees’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Lighthouse’ [AU]
A Streetlight Song – ‘Words Fail’ [AU]
Interview with Tim Powles Pt 3
The Church – ‘Lunar’ [AU]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ (live in Seattle) [2009]

Stranded playlist 07 October 2011

October 8, 2011

*Featuring Sydney punk band Frenzal Rhomb and the infamous Jackie O and Kyle radio argument with singer Jason Whalley*

Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Genius’ [AU]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘You Are Not My Friend’ [AU]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Nothing Wrong’ [AU]
2004 radio argument between Jay and Jackie O (youtube)
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Russell Crowe’s Band’ [AU]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Ballchef’ [AU]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Bird Attack’ [AU]
Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Just Because  It’s Soap…’ [AU]
Midnight Juggernauts – ‘Vital Signs’ [AU]
Crooked Fiddle Band – ‘The Countess Bathory’s Finishing School For Girls’ [AU]
The Ruffled Feathers – ‘Blueprints for our failed revolution’ [CA]
‘The Jolts – ‘Loudness’ [CA]

Featured video:  Frenzal Rhomb – ‘Russell Crowe’s Band’ (2003)

Stranded playlist 03 Jan 2011

January 3, 2011

The Easybeats – ‘She’s So Fine’ [AU]
Russell Morris – ‘The Real Thing’ [AU]
The Masters Apprentices – ‘Turn Up Your Radio’ [AU]
The Woohoo Revue – ‘Expresso’ [AU]
The Woohoo Revue – ‘Jigsaw’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘Sunshine’ [AU]
Waterford- ‘Weekend With Sally’ [AU]
Black Mountain – ‘Let Spirits Ride’ [CA]
The Spreads – ‘Crash Test’ [CA]
Nadia Van Hahn – ‘Like Water’ [CA]
The Jolts – ‘Gimme Gasoline’ [CA]
Le Gem – ‘Werewolf’ [CA]
Paul Kelly – ‘How To Make Gravy’ [AU]

Featured video: Masters Apprentices – ‘Turn Up Your Radio’ (1970)