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Podcast #298

February 10, 2017

Featuring a re-broadcast of a 2011 interview with Steve Kilbey 

The New Christs – ‘Like A Curse’ [AU]
The New Christs – ‘I Swear’ [AU]
The New Christs – ‘Waves Form’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Pride Before A Fall’ [AU]
Interview with Steve Kilbey
Speed Of Stars – ‘Song Within The Shell’ [AU]
Jef Leeson – ‘Steve At The Beer Store’ [CA]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Beer League’ [CA]
Chris Andres – ‘Dark Train’ [CA]
Janaya Salmond – ‘Everyday’ [CA]
Bre McDaniel – ‘Light Pollution’ [CA]
Amy Brandon – ‘Artificial Light’ [CA]

We revisit legendary underground band The New Christs this week, with two blistering early singles and a track from the return-to-form Incantations record of 2014.  Songwriter and intense vocalist Rob Younger formed the New Christs in 1980 after the implosion of Radio Birdman and the band is still going strong after 5 quality albums.  This week we also revisit a 2011 interview we recorded with Steve Kilbey of The Church and we air a track from Speed of Stars – Steve’s collaborative project with Frank Kearns.  You can also hear a track from fellow radio DJ and singer-songwriter Jef Lesson from Ontario!

Podcast #283

September 7, 2016

Featuring an interview with outlaw country singer Joey Only

Sidewinder – ‘Day After Day’ [AU]
Sidewinder – ‘Evil Eye’ [AU]
Sidewinder – Titanic Days’ [AU]
M.Craft – ‘Chemical Trail’ [AU]
Megan Bernard – ‘Follow It Through’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘This Heat’ [AU]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Beer League’ [CA]
Interview with Joey Only
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘No More Trouble In The Peace’ [CA]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Cold Wooden Box’ [CA]

Former Sidewinder bassist Martin Craft has been making music under the name M.Craft for a number of years now. He recently relocated to the US and released an impressive third album named ‘Blood Moon’ from which we air the single ‘Chemical Trail’. Before that we revisit his previous life with three tracks from Sidewinder, a highly regarded indie/power-pop band who formed in Canberra in 1990. The band split 9 years later, leaving a legacy of two outstanding records and many memorable Australian shows.

I’m pleased to finally be able to air an interview with legendary outlaw country singer Joey Only. Joey has played over 2000 shows across Canada, both solo and with various incarnations of the Joey Only Outlaw Band. His previous record ‘Transgression Trail’ earned heavy rotation on campus/community radio across Canada, and his 2016 full length, ‘No More Trouble in the Peace’, is certainly set to do the same. I caught up with Joey recently at the Outlaw Lodge in Wells, BC, where Joey lives with his family.

Podcast #278

August 3, 2016

Featuring an interview with The Staggers and Jaggs

Frank Yamma -‘Ngura Watjilpa’ [AU]
Frank Yamma – ‘She Cried’ [AU]
Frank Yamma – ‘Everybody’s Talking’ [AU]
Gawurra – ‘Ratja YaliTali’ [AU]
Mapstone – ‘Change’ [CA]
Trent Agecoutay – ‘Runnin’ [CA]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘No More Trouble In The Peace’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘I Hear Them Calling’ [CA]
The Staggers and Jaggs – ‘Scatscratch’ [CA]
The Staggers and Jaggs – ‘What Do The Crows Know?’ [CA]

We introduce listeners this week to the sublime sounds of Australian Indigenous roots musician Frank Yamma. Frank is a Pitjantjatjara man from Central Australia who speaks 5 languages and sings in both Pitjantjatjara and English. He is about to embark on a rare Canadian tour, with a performance at the Wise Hall in Vancouver on 11 August, followed by the Robson Valley Music Festival on 13th and 14th of August. You can hear tracks from Frank’s albums ‘Countryman’ (2010) and ‘Uncle’ (2014) at the top of this week’s show.

Our special guests this week are East-Vancouver band The Staggers and Jaggs! I caught up with four the members of this energetic gypsy-jazz/rock/blues ensemble at a Sunday morning cafe show in Williams Lake, BC. I was most surprised and pleased to discover that one of the band members hails from Tasmania! Tune in to hear a great chat with these interesting folk.