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Podcast #316

November 4, 2017

Featuring Dappled Cities, Victory Lap, Raleigh and more

Dappled Cities – ‘Stone Men’ [AU]
DMA’s – ‘Delete’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Mace Spray’ [AU]
Victory Lap – ‘The Afterlife’ [AU]
Pond – ‘Colder Than Ice’ [AU]
Apostate Son – ‘Number One’ [NZ]
The Mojo Stars – ‘You Don’t Know Me and I Wish You Would’ [CA]
The Judys – ‘Freedom 85’ [CA]
We Found A Lovebird – ‘Winning Streak’ [CA]
Wares – ‘What You Want’ [CA]
Raleigh – ‘Just Kids’ [CA]
Custard – ‘Apartment’ [AU]

We kick off the show with a track a piece from top Sydney-based bands Dappled Cities, DMA’s and The Jezabels.  Melbournite Alex Badham of Aleks and the Ramps is back with his new solo project Victory Lap and we debut his single ‘Afterlife’ on this week’s show. Also featured this week are new tracks from Perth’s psychedelic champions Pond and Apostate Son out of Auckland, NZ, Wares from Edmonton, AB and Raleigh from Calgary, AB.

ozstranded podcast #102

March 10, 2012

* Featuring the 1998 classic ’16 Lovers Lane’ by the Go-Betweens *

The Go-Betweens – ‘Love Goes On’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Quiet Heart’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Love Is a Sign’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘You Can’t Say No Forever’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘The Devil’s Eye’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Streets of Your Town’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Clouds’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Was There Anything I Could Do’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘I’m All Right’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Dive for Your Memory’ [AU]
Adalita -‘Fool Around’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Trycolour’ [AU]
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders- Cold Feet’ [AU]
Hannah Georgas – ‘Chit Chat’ [CA]
The Zolas – ‘Marlaina Kamikaze’ [CA]
Fanshaw – ‘Strong Hips’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Not So Far Fetched’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Go-Betweens – ‘Streets of Your Town’ (1988)

Stranded playlist 30 December 2011

December 31, 2011

Died Pretty – ‘Ambergris’ [AU]
Died Pretty – ‘Desperate Hours’ [AU]
Died Pretty – ‘Final Twist’ [AU]
Died Pretty – ‘The Underbelly’ [AU]
Died Pretty -‘ True Fools Fall’ [AU]
Died Pretty – ‘Whitlam Square’ [AU]
Ghost Notes – ‘Ripples’ [AU]
Ghost Notes – ‘Dark Horse’ [AU]
Oliver Tank – ‘Dreams’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Trycolour’ [AU]
Tobey Richardson – ‘Booragoon Lagoon’ [AU]
The City Streets – ‘How I Pray’ [CA]
The City Streets – ‘Nothing Can Be Planned’ [CA]
Clara Engel – ‘Lick My Fins’ [CA]
Michael Charles and Magisty – ‘Hey Babe’ [AU/US]

Featured video: Died Pretty – ‘Whitlam Square’ (1990)

Stranded playlist 21 March 2011

March 21, 2011

Johnny Casino and the Secrets – ‘Cowboys and Indians’ [AU]
The Pink Fits – ‘I’m On The Red’ [AU]
The Dunhill Blues – ‘Walking The Dog’ [AU]
Rootsystem – ‘Revolution’ [CA/AU]
Jonno Zilber – ‘Reso’ [AU]
Shed – ‘The Helmet Song’ [CA]
The Jezabels – ‘Mace Spray’ [AU]
The City Streets – ‘Outside of a Lover’ [CA]
The City Streets – ‘St Avarice’ [CA]
Bruce Cockburn – ‘Grim Travelers’ [CA]
Bruce Cockburn – ‘If I Had A Rocket Launcher’ [CA]
Bruce Cockburn – ‘The Iris of the World’ [CA]

Featured video: The Jezabels – ‘Mace Spray’ (2010)

Stranded playlist 14 March 2011

March 14, 2011

Painters and Dockers – ‘Die Yuppie Die’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘Fat Cop’ [AU]
Groover Von Kruger – ‘Nazi On A Bike’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Roads That Run’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Mace Spray’ [AU]
Sampology – ‘Transatlantic Skankin’ Remix’ [AU]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘The Ghetto Birdz’ [CA]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Greyhound Guitar Man’ [CA]
Rootsystem – ‘Revolution’ [AU/CA]
Rootsystem – ‘These Days’ [AU/CA]
Warless – ‘Island Girls’ [CA]

Featured video: Painters and Dockers – ‘Die Yuppie Die’ (1988)