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Podcast #329

March 24, 2018

Featuring Joni Mitchell, A.B Original, Omar Khan and more

Joni Mitchell – ‘A Case Of You’ [CA]
Joni Mitchell – ‘God Must Be A Boogie Man’ [CA]
Joni Mitchell – ‘If I Had A Heart’ [CA]
This Way North – ‘Nothing To Say’ [AU]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Green House’ [AU]
A.B Original – ‘Blaccout’ [AU]
Omar Khan – ‘People’ [CA]
Kimmortal – ‘I’m Blue’ [CA]
Josh Scott – ’33rd Flo’ [CA]
Jo Passed – ‘MDM’ [CA]
Little Sprout – ‘Amie You’re’ [CA]
Chris-a-Riffic – ‘Fresh Bruise’ [CA]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Head Full Of Steam’ [AU]

It’s practically impossible to select just three tracks that are representative of the exceptional back catalogue of the legendary Joni Mitchell, but nonetheless we try that at the top of the show! We air the long awaited new single ‘Blaccout’ from A.B Original, as well as a track from the new This Way North EP. And keep listening for new singles from Vancouver-based contemporary soul acts Omar Khan and Kimmortal, as well as a track from the Chris-a-Riffic record that is officially released this week!

Stranded podcast #234

January 31, 2015

* Melbourne-based performer Larissa Tandy LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today we invite onto the show extra special guest, singer-songwriter Larissa Tandy! Larissa is fixture on the world-class Melbourne music scene, as a performer and booking agent and she has recently relocated with her Canadian partner to Vancouver, BC.  Larissa has built a strong following back home with her work with the vocal harmony-infused, roots/indie cross-over act Strine Singers (which also features her brother Ryan).  That band has a long-awaited full length in the works, and in the mean time Larissa is keen to showcase her solo work with fresh audiences in Canada.  You can hear Larissa perform three lyrically-rich original songs live in the CiTR studio, as well as a selection of tunes from some of her favourite contemporary Melbourne-based acts.

Featured video: Larissa Tandy – ‘Shut Down’ (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #233

January 23, 2015

* Featuring tracks by The Go-Betweens *

This week we re-visit the sublime songwriting prowess of Grant McLennan and Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens. Following a string of sophisticated and critically acclaimed (but commercially negligible) albums the band called it quits, only to form for a further three albums, starting with ‘The Friends of Rachel Worth’. Some commentators have compared McLennan and Forster to the timeless Lennon/McCartney combo in the songwriting department. Have a listen to six tracks from the latter-period albums to see if this is an accurate comparison!

Featured video: The Go-Betweens – ‘Here Comes The City’ [2005]

Stranded podcast #199

May 21, 2014

* Interview with Ma Petite and To Stowaway LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today is a fine example of why this radio show exists – two special musical guests who have come all the way across the oceans from Australia! And that’s especially true for Matthew of Melbourne-based project To Stowaway, who has recently embarked in the Pacific North West following a weeks-long journey by boat from Sydney. Matthew speaks of his experiences road-tripping through the USA and plays us a tune live in the studio that he wrote for his partner and that references the city of Portland, OR.

But first up we hear from Indiana Avent aka Ma Petite, another resident of Melbourne, who is about to kick-off the release of her debut album and first ever Canadian tour. Indiana previously spent a few years living in Vancouver. She recorded her record here in her much-loved second home, through an inspired and lengthy process involving multiple studios and contributions from friends.

Featured video: Ma Petite – ‘Lonesome’ [2013]

Stranded podcast #151

May 11, 2013

*Featuring an interview with Australian musician and former resident of Vancouver, Tizza Taylor *

Grant McLennan passed away seven years ago this week, at age 48, from an unexpected heart attack at his home in Brisbane, Queensland.   This was the same city where he formed the literate and influential band The Go-Betweens, with songwriting partner Robert Forster, in 1977.   Today on the show we feature some choice cuts from some classic Go-Betweens records, and McLennan’s solo recordings.

Earlier this year I had a chance meeting with Tizza Taylor, an Australian traveller and former resident of Vancouver.  Tizza is a musician and tour manager who had the good fortune to work the Jimmy Little Foundation that was established by the highly respected Aboriginal performer Jimmy Little, to raise awareness of health issues impacting Aboriginal people in Australia.  Tune in today to hear Tizza’s fascinating story and insights into the life of the late Jimmy Little.

The Go-Betweens – ‘In the Core of the Flame’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘The House That Jack Kerouac Built’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens –  ‘Love Goes On’ [AU]
Grant McLennan – ‘Easy Come Easy Go’
Grant McLennan – ‘Black Mule’ [AU]
Jack Frost – ‘I Thought That I Was Over You’ [AU]
Interview with Tizza Taylor Pt 1
Jimmy Little – ‘Baby Blue’ [AU]
Interview with Tizza Taylor Pt 2
Jimmy Little – ‘Royal Telephone’ [AU]
Jimmy Little – ‘Cattle and Cane’ [AU]
Interview with Tizza Taylor Pt 3
East Journey –  ‘Guwak’ [AU]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Palm Of My Hand’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Landmark’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Weekend Fantasy’ [CA]

Featured video – Jimmy Little – ‘Cattle and Cane (live) [1999]