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Stranded podcast #116

June 15, 2012

*Featuring more tracks from the ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons and interviews with Kim Churchill and Gumby from Benjalu, recorded backstage at Fortune Sound Club *

We start this evening’s show with some more tracks from the just-released ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons on Sydney’s seminal Citadel Records.   We’re going right back to the mid-80s when The Hard-Ons were first making waves for their infectiously catchy songs played at ear-splitting volume to punters in Sydney (and soon beyond).

Kim Churchill is back for an extensive Canadian tour and I caught up with this amazingly talented guitarist and young solo singer/songwriter, backstage at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver.  Kim recorded a limited edition EP of tracks in an attic in Montreal on his last tour and I feature a couple of tracks from this special release (including the beautiful number ‘Sarah’ that he played here in Vancouver at the memorial for the late Todd Simko).

Supporting Kim on his tour is Gumby from the band Benjalu, playing solo.  I also recorded an interview with Gumby back stage at the gig.  MG

The Hard-Ons – ‘Lollipop’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Buddies’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Squathouse’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Love Song For Cindy’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘School Days’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Fifteen’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – Keish’s New Song’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 1
Kim Churchill – ‘Sarah’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 2
Kim Churchill – ‘Shields’ [AU]
Benjalu – ‘Another Way’ [AU]
Interview with Gumby from Benjalu
Benjalu – ‘By The Ocean’ [AU]
The Evaporators – ‘I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Hotdog High’ [CA]
The Beladeans – ‘I Want It Now’ [CA]
The Beladeans – Broke Down and Dusted’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Time To Go’ [CA]

Featured video:  Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ (2012)

Stranded playlist 04 April 2011

April 4, 2011

* All Vancouver special!  Featuring Jeff and Laura from OK Vancouver OK, live in the studio*

D.O.A – ‘Disco Sux’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Im Going To France’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Letter From An Occupant’ [CA]
Vancouver Nights – ‘Dark Is My Heart’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘Beachy, Beachy’ (live in the CiTR studio) [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘Love’s So Great’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘Born In The Same Hospital’ (live in the  CiTR studio) [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Validation!’ [CA]
Half Chinese – ‘Horse Did Whiney’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK –  ‘In The Park’ [CA]
Ladner – ‘Warperheimer’ [CA]
Synthcake – ‘Red Raw’ [CA]

Featured video: OK Vancouver OK – ‘In The Park’ (Live) [2009]