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Podcast #317

November 11, 2017

Featuring Louise Burns, DM3, P76 and more

The Elois – ‘By My Side’ [AU]
Masters Apprentices – ‘Buried & Dead’ [AU]
The Creatures – ‘Ugly Thing’ [AU]
Peter Simpson – ”Return of the Dilettante’ [AU]
P76 – ‘Postcard from Bondi’ [AU]
DM3 – ‘Monsters’ [AU]
Twin Peaks – ‘One Long Year’ [CA]
Louise Burns – ‘Storm’ [CA]
Scenic Route To Alaska – ‘Love Keeps’ [CA]
Freak Dream – ‘Let Me Out’ [CA]
Dad Thighs – ‘Summer’ [CA]
Ok Vancouver Ok – ‘Black Part Of Light’ [CA]
The Eastern Dark – ‘Johnny & Dee Dee’ [AU]

We feature three more bands from the highly informative ‘The History of Australian Punk in 30 Tracks‘ blog post at the top of the set with a track apiece from The Elois, Masters Apprentices and The Creatures. All three of these proto-punk tracks were released way back in 1967. And you can also hear tracks from three of the acts who recently played the Canadian showcase in Sydney for Australian Music Week – Twin Peaks, Louise Burns and Scenic Route To Alaska!

Stranded podcast #154

June 1, 2013

* Featuring interviews with Dan Costello and Tony Yacowar of Public Records & Graham Pence of Vancouver band Whoa! She’s A Babe’ *

Tonight at the Biltmore in Vancouver, CiTR Radio celebrates 30 years of Discorder Magazine!  The show starts today with tracks from bands who are playing at this party for this highly significant music scene institution. Discorder is certain to continue chronicling the superb output of the local music scene for many years to come…

We have two interviews on the show today.  First up is a chat with musicians Dan Costello and Tony Yacowar, calling through from Victoria. Dan and Tony are the founders of Public Records, a non-profit organization that has just announced the offer of a $5000 grant to a winning Western Canadian independent musician or band, to produce a music video.  Tune in to find out the details of this valuable initiative, and don’t forget to get your entries in by June 14.

Speaking of music videos, self-described Vancouver ‘party band’ Whoa! She’s A Babe gained considerable increase in exposure thanks to the release of their video for the 2012 single ‘Down Below’.  Guitarist of the band, Graham Pence, joins us in the studio today to chat about his experiences in the first two years of Whoa! She’s A Babe.  He reveals his level-headed approach to keeping an independent band productive and financially viable.

We wrap up the show with a few songs from 80’s garage rock legends The Eastern Dark  🙂

Hot Panda – ‘Language’ [CA]
Hot Panda – ‘Littered Coins’ [CA]
Dirty Spells – ‘BA Barakas’ [CA]
Phoenix Underground – ‘Idle Thoughts’ [CA]
Hooves – ‘Holy War’ [CA]
Interview with Dan Costello and Tony Yacowar of Public Records
Whoa! She’s A Babe – ‘Down Below’  [CA]
Interview with Graham Pence Part 1
Whoa! She’s A Babe – ‘Another Drink Babe’  [CA]
Interview with Graham Pence Part 2
Whoa! She’s A Babe – ‘Half Moon Bay’   [CA]
The Eastern Dark – ‘Julie Is A Junkie’ [AU]
The Eastern Dark – ‘Johnny and Dee Dee’ [AU]
The Eastern Dark – ‘Walking’ [AU]

Featured video – Whoa! She’s A Babe – ‘Down Below’  (2012)