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Stranded podcast #241

March 28, 2015

* Featuring the music of The Seekers *

In keeping with the regular format of this show, we begin with featuring some older Australian music, this week in the form of three classics from easy-listening folk act The Seekers, who celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2012.  It shouldn’t be forgotten that this five-piece, fronted by Judith Durham, have sold millions and albums and in the mid-60s were even competing with heavy-weights like The Rolling Stones on the UK albums charts. The band broke up only 6 years after the initial whirl-wind of international acclaim that began shortly after the band’s inception.

Featured video: The Seekers – ‘Georgy Girl’ [1967]

Stranded podcast #209

July 31, 2014

* A mixed-bag of mostly Cancon *

It’s a slow-paced summer holiday edition of the show this week. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of great live studio guests ahead! We start the show off with two tracks a piece from New Zealand indie legends Graeme Downes (The Verlaines) and Dimmer, featuring Shayne Carter of the groundbreaking Straightjacket Fits.

The remainder of the show is dedicated to catching up on some fantastic new Cancon, including the brand new New Pornographers single!

Featured video:  Old Man Luedeke – ‘Baby We’d Be Rich’ (live) [2014]


Stranded podcast #187

February 15, 2014

* Happy Valentines Day! *

Marty Willson-Piper was one half of the superb dual guitar attack of legendary band The Church, from 1980 until just last year, before the shock announcement that he was being replaced by ex-Powderfinger guitarist Ian Haug, for the recording of The Church’s next LP. I discovered Marty’s 1988 solo release at a second hand shop in Victoria, BC recently. Today you can hear two lush tracks from this album, as well as a sampling from two of Marty’s other collaborations – Noctorum and MOAT. And don’t forget, you can dig deep at the website of Marty’s impressive In Deep Music Archive.

Our Valentine’s Day pick for today is the sublime and tender power-pop hit ‘Alone With You’ by The Sunnyboys.  The Sunnyboys sprang from nowhere to national prominence in Australian in 1981 with this single and subsequent album.  Tragically though, frontman and songwriter Jeremy Oxley was afflicted by schizophrenia, and the band derailed due to his erratic behaviour and substance use.  Amazingly though, they reformed for last year’s Dig It Up Festival hosted by The Hoodoo Gurus and all reports indicate Jeremy and the band were in blistering form.  Maybe there is time for them to reclaim their rightful place alongside the nation’s other great rock bands.

Featured video: The Sunnyboys – ‘Alone With You’ [1981]

Stranded podcast #177

November 22, 2013

* Featuring an on air giveaway of two tickets to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Vancouver in June 2014 *

Today we hosted an on air give-away for two tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Vancouver in June 2014!.  Congrats to our winner Seth who phoned through and succeeded at the challenge – working out which Boys Next Door song first brought Nick to prominence as a singer, and then singing a few bars of the song on air!

We also feature some Aussie and Kiwi hip hop as well as two Prairie-based singer-songwriters, Don Amero and Jeffrey Straker of Manitoba and Saskatchewan respectively.  And don’t forget the Mint Records X-mas part is coming up on 30 Nov featuring local favourites Tough Age and Shawn Mrazek Lives!

Cee – ‘I Know’ [AU]   
Konflikt – ‘Come Home’ [NZ]
Scalper – ‘Perfect Fix’ [NZ]
Sleepy Wolf – ‘Conjure’ [NZ]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Brother My Cup Is Empty’ (live)’
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Finishing Jubilee Street’ [AU]
Boys Next Door – ‘Shivers’ [AU]
Jeffrey Straker – ‘Botanic Gardens’ [CA] 
Dom Amero – ‘I Don’t Wanna Let You Go’ [CA]
Steve Taylor’s Drum Boogie – ‘Strathcona’ [CA]
Steve Taylor’s Drum Boogie – ‘Topsy Part II’ [CA]
Tough Age – ‘The Heart Of Juliet Jones’ [CA]
Shawn Mrazek Lives! – ‘Forget The Past’ [CA]
Luck Commander – ‘Hot Hot Dawn’ [CA]
The Cyrillic Typewriter – ‘Somewhere Lament’ [CA]
Thomas Beckman – ‘Dunedin’ [CA]

Featured video:  Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – ‘Brother My Cup Is Empty’ (live) (2008)

Stranded podcast #125

August 31, 2012

* Featuring tracks by legendary Perth garage/power pop band The Stems and an interview with Aboriginal musician Shy-Anne Hovorka of Thunder Bay, ON *

The Stems, who hailed from Perth, Western Australia, were a stunningly catchy outfit with a fuzzed-out, 60s garage sound and a penchant for power-pop melodies.  They were only around for a few years during the mid to late 1980s, but that was long enough to leave behind a series of well-received singles that hold up well to this day.  I recently came across a singles compilation on The Stems called ‘Mushroom Soup: The Citadel Years’ and I feature some of these classic singles from this record on the show today.

And today it is an honour to present to you an interview I recorded with Shy-Anne Hovorka, a well-established, multi-award-winning singer and performer from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  As you can hear in the tracks I play from Shy-Anne’s ‘Interwoven Roots’ release, Shy-Anne is a compelling songwriter, with a strong connection to her First Nations roots.  Her talents and commitment have led to her nomination for the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards.  Shy-Anne speaks today of her experiences mentoring Aboriginal children in the performing arts who otherwise have lacked encouragement for self-expression where they live in isolated northern communities.  

And as always, you can listen to some fresh tracks from some of the best new independent musicians from Australian and Canada, including Sydney band The Laurels and Vancouver (via Regina) singer-songwriter Jamison Troy.  Enjoy!  MG

The Stems – ‘Make You Mine’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Tears Me In Two’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘She’s A Monster’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Love Will Grow’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Under Your Mushroom’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘On And On’ [AU]
The Laurels – ‘Changing The Timeline’ [AU]
Cub Scouts – ‘Do You Hear?’ [AU]
Zeebz v Miss Vitula – ‘Soothes My Soul’ [CA]
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Birch, Cedar, Spruce’ [CA]
Interview with Shy-Anne Hovorka Pt 1
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Waabakimi’ [CA]
Interview with Shy-Anne Hovorka Pt 2
Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘Glue’ [CA]
The Cyrillic Typewriter -‘Boxing Arenas’ [CA]
Jamison Troy – ‘Wake Me up…’ [CA]
Mode Moderne – ‘Nightly Youths’ [CA]

Featured video: Shy-Anne Hovorka – ‘The Glue’ (2012)