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Podcast #290

November 9, 2016

Featuring tracks from the ‘My Peace River’ fundraiser EP

The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’ [AU]
The Avalanches & David Berman -‘A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart'[AU]
The Avalanches – ‘Frankie Sinatra’ [AU]
DD.Dumbo – ‘Walrus’ [AU]
The Baudelaires – ‘Bomber Dan’ [AU]
Miss Quincy and Twin Peaks – ‘Time To Get A Gun’ [CA]
Miss Quincy and Twin Peaks – ’16 Horses’ [CA]
Miss Quincy and Twin Peaks – ‘I Belong Right Here’ [CA]
Miss Quincy and Twin Peaks – ‘River’ [CA]
Jamison Troy – ‘No Money’ [CA]

Electronic group The Avalanches, who formed in Melbourne in 1997, are known globally for their innovative debut album ‘Since I Left You’ (2000). The album was noted for artfully assembling some 3,500 vinyl samples. The band has finally released their follow-up record ‘Wildflower’. We feature a track from this album, along with a track from the first album and a curious demo featuring David Berman of the Silver Jews on spoken word vocals.

Later in the show we feature all four tracks from the ‘My Peace River‘ fundraiser EP by Miss Quincy and Twin Peaks. The CD was put together to raise awareness of the protest movement against the Site C dam on the Peace River Valley in Northern British Columbia. If approved, the $8.8 billion dollar project will flood 57,000 acres of First Nation and heritage agricultural land. All the tracks on the EP were recorded live on the banks of the Peace River by Miss Quincy & Twin Peaks.

Podcast #281

August 24, 2016

Featuring an interview with funk/rock artist Aurora Jane

The Tragically Hip – ‘Them Bones’ [CA]
The Tragically Hip – ‘Heaven Is a Better Place Today’ [CA]
The Tragically Hip – ‘In A World Possessed By The Human Mind’ [CA]
King Of The North – ‘Burn’ [AU]
Hockey Dad – ‘Jump The Gun’ [AU]
The Avalanches – ‘Frankie Sinatra’ [AU]
Aurora Jane – ‘Deep End’ [AU]
Interview with Aurora Jane
Aurora Jane – ‘Burn’
Tim Bennett – ‘Dreamer’ [AU]
The Pack A.D – ‘Yes I Know’ [CA]

Last weekend marked the historic final live show from The Tragically Hip, in front of an adoring Kingston, ON home crowd. News broke this year that front-man Gord Downie had been diagnosed with brain cancer, prematurely ending the career of arguably Canada’s greatest and most loved rock band. I first learned about the Hip through a strong Australian Rolling Stone magazine review of their 2004 record ‘In Between Evolution’. I play a track from that record today, as well as two other tracks pulled from the catalogue of quality tunes that form the band’s 14 album legacy.

Our special guest this week is another in our series of fascinating interviewees I met at Arts Wells 2016 – Aussie funk/rock musician Aurora Jane! I was suitably impressed with Aurora’s rockin’ set at the Wells Pub, alongside bassist friend Tim Bennett, so I jumped at the chance to chat with her post-gig. I discovered she has a strong connection to Canada through years of playing festivals in the Great White North!