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Stranded podcast #274

June 8, 2016

Tracks from Chris Knox, Phil Kikuchi, Late Spring, and more 

Chris Knox – ‘Not Given Lightly’ [NZ]
Straightjacket Fits – ‘She Speeds’ [NZ]
The Chills – ‘Pink Frost’ [NZ]
Death and The Maiden – ‘War Dance’ [NZ]
The Shifting Sands – ‘Waiting For The Sun’ [NZ]
Scalper – ‘Puppets’ [NZ]
Phil Kikuchi – ‘Winter Dance’ [CA]
Ashley Shadow – ‘Tonight’ [CA]
Karina Pry – ‘Good Memories’ [CA]
Mental Health – ‘Lo-fi Kids’ [CA]
Late Spring – ‘Invisible’ [CA]
Adrian Teacher and the Subs – ‘Victory Square’ [CA]

New Zealand Music Month has been and gone for another year but I caught on a bit late this time around so we’re extending our tribute for another show! We air three undeniable classics up front from Chris Knox, Straightjacket Fits and The Chills. Then we introduce listeners to two quality acts from the Fishrider Records roster – Death and The Maiden and The Shifting Sands.

Brilliant guitarist Phil Kikuchi from Vancouver has released a new acoustic record called ‘Wood and Steel Alchemist’ and we feature a track from it in the second half of the show. You’ll also hear an ambient track from Karina Pry and a cut from the debut full-length from Adrian Teacher and The Subs!

Featured video – The Shifting Sands – ‘Waiting For The Sun’ [2016]

Stranded playlist 24 Jan 2011

January 24, 2011

Flying Nun, ‘Heavenly Pop Hits’ documentary (3 min exert) [NZ]
The Clean – ‘Tally Ho’ [NZ]
Straightjacket Fits – ‘Bad Note For a Heart’ [NZ]
The Bats – ‘Around You Like Snow’ [NZ]
Headless Chickens – ‘Cruise Control’ [NZ]
The Bakelite Age – ‘Crawlin’ Round the Cellar’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Operetta’ [AU]
Three Quarters Hazel – ‘Out of Control’ [AU]
Rootsystem – ‘Revolution’ [CA/AU]
Sheena Marie – ‘Red Light’ [CA]
L.P.H Beast – ‘Worry’ [CA]
Fancey – ‘Carry Me’ [CA]
Certain Breeds – ‘2 A.M’ [CA]
Thomas Morgan – ‘Whites’ [AU/CA]

Featured video:  The Bakelite Age – ‘Crawlin’ Round the Cellar’ (2010)