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Podcast #359

December 23, 2018

Featuring Steve Kilbey, Allara, Freak Dream and more

The Aints – ‘It’s Still Nowhere’ [AU]
The Aints – ‘Red Aces’ [AU]
The Aints – ‘Country Song in G’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey – ‘Sydney Rococo’ [AU]
Allara – ‘Wala is Life’ [AU]
100 – ‘If I Give Myself’ [AU]
Sedition – ‘Lost Reality’ [CA]
LOA – ‘Rings’ [CA]
Jay Beck – ‘Wise Reopening’ [CA]
Dylan Ella – ‘1975’ [CA]
Kym Gouchie & Northern Sky – ‘Waniska’ [CA]
Freak Dream – ‘Bash Hop’ [CA]

We kick off the show with those two singles from the Ed Kuepper’s The Aints record ‘The Church of Simultaneous Existence’, as well as an Aints track from the first record ‘Ascension’ from 1991. Then we feature the lead off and title track from Steve Kilbey‘s latest solo LP, the lush Sydney Rococo. And stay tuned for brand new Canadian tracks including a new song from Kym Gouchie & Northern Sky of Prince George and a track from the electro/punk/funk project Freak Dream album ‘Into The Sun’, out on Art of Fact Records.

Stranded podcast #155

June 9, 2013

* Featuring interviews with two Australian ex-pat musicians: Vancouver-based vocalist,  Jess Cullen and Montreal-based MC, Craig Thorn (Cee) *

Today we interview two Australian ex-pat musicians of two different cities and musical genres – Vancouver-based vocalist,  Jess Cullen and Montreal-based MC, Craig Thorn (Cee).  Jess hails from a small community in Central Queensland.  She relocated to Vancouver a few years ago at the tail end of a world trip.  Jess talks about her cross-continental musical journey, and we sample some tracks you will hear at her self-titled record release next Tuesday night at the Electric Owl, including first single ‘Old Piano’.

Craig Thorn who goes by the MC name Cee, likewise took the life-changing step to Canada to continue his career, along with his brother Notion.  Craig compares the musical landscapes of Melbourne and his adopted home of Montreal and speaks to the challenges involved in sustaining a musical career as an ex-pat Aussie overseas.  And keep listening to hear about his involvement in the burgeoning hip karaoke movement that is taking North America by storm!

Also featured on the show are some of this weekend’s Music Waste Festival bands and brand new singles from the latest Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy collaboration and singer-songwriter Mark Moldre.  The show concludes with a full run-through the classic ‘Cathy’s Clown’ CD single from You Am I (1995), which was produced by Lee Ranaldo.

Jess Cullen – ‘The Ant-Hill’ [AU]
Interview with Jess Cullen Pt 1
Jess Cullen – ‘Old Man Song’ [AU]
Interview with Jess Cullen Pt 2
Jess Cullen – ‘Old Piano’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – ‘Brother Moon, Sister Sun’ [AU]
Mark Moldre – ‘Where Will I Be?’ [AU]
Pups – ‘Take Your Shoes Off’ [CA]
Pups – ‘Cement’ [CA]
Lunchlady – ‘DNA’ [CA]
Imaginary Pants – ‘Channels’ [CA]
Cee – ‘Babylon Wailing’ [AU/CA]
Interview with Cee Pt 1
Cee – ‘Prom Night’ [AU/CA]
Interview with Cee Pt 2
Cee – ‘Road Trippin’ [AU/CA]
Interview with Cee Pt 3
You Am I – ‘Cathy’s Clown’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Hi-Way Fi’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Gira E Respira’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘In The Street’ [AU]

Featured video:  iLLvibe, Notion and Cee – ‘Roadtripin’ [2013]

Stranded podcast #143

March 16, 2013

* Featuring Part Two of an interview with Chris Basaraba, luthier and proprietor of Basone Guitars in Vancouver, BC *

This week  you can hear a selection of tracks by Perth band, The Triffids spanning the years 1983 to 1989.  The Triffids, who formed 1978, were a literate band and much-lauded for their gorgeously evocative song ‘Wide Open Road’, which remains prominent in ‘best Australian songs’ lists.   The band also found a measure of acclaim in Europe and Scandinavia.  Prolific songwriter and frontman, Dave McComb tragically passed away at age 37, after the band had broken up, following injuries sustained in a car accident.

Next up are tracks by two Australian artists featured at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin Texas! – Blackchords and Emma Louise.  Here is a full list of all the Aussie acts making the trip to Austin this year.

Podcast #132 featured part 1 of an interview with Chris Basaraba, luthier and proprietor of Basone Guitars in Vancouver.  We’re pleased to present the remainder of the interview today.  You can hear Chris explain what folks can expect if they seek the services of a properly trained luthier.  Chris also reveals some of his favourite Vancouver hardcore bands who he has supported over the years.

Rounding out the show is some great new Canadian music, firstly with ‘Stranded’ favourites The City Streets, from Montreal and their tune expressing anger over the residential schools system.  We finish with a brand new track by Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jamison Troy 🙂

The Triffids – ‘My Baby Thinks She’s A Train’ [AU]
The Triffids – ‘MGM’ [AU]
The Triffids – ‘Wide Open Road’ [AU]
The Triffids – ‘Falling Over You’ [AU]
The Triffids – ‘Goodbye Little Boy’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey – ‘African Jesus’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘We No Who U R’ [AU]
Blackchords – ‘A Thin Line’ [AU]
Emma Louise – ‘Jungle’ [AU]
Interview with Chris Basaraba 1
Brand New Unit – ‘Looking Back Again’ [CA]
Carpenter – ‘Can’t Keep A Good Man Down’ [CA]
Interview with Chris Basaraba 2
Refused – ‘New Noise’ [SW]
The City Streets – ‘White Lies’ [CA]
Jamison Troy – ‘I’ve Hurt People’ [CA]

Featured video – The Triffids – ‘Goodbye Little Boy’ [1989]

Stranded podcast #111

May 12, 2012

* Featuring Part 2 of the interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church and side-project Isidore *

‘Henry’s Dream’, the seventh full-length album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, was released in North America exactly 20 yrs ago. Today on the show, I showcase the outstanding songwriting displayed on this LP, by playing two tracks, including the tender love-song ‘Straight To You’ and a third, ‘Blue Bird’, which is an outtake from the recording sessions.

And I also broadcast part two of my lastest chat with Steve Kilbey, bassist, singer, songwriter and member of the Church and numerous side-projects including Isidore. In this part of the interview, Steve reveals how he developed his musical vision during his youth in Canberra. He speaks about some of the technicalities of recording process and fills us in on the current status of The Church.  You can also enjoy three more tracks from the brand new release by Isidore, Life Somewhere Else.  Thanks for listening!

And tonight in Vancouver is the release-party for the lastest record by local faves Synthcake, at the Interurban Gallery. Two Synthcake tracks at the end of the show will wet your appetite for their hypnotic live show. MG

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Papa Won’t Leave You Henry’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Straight To You’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Blue Bird’ [AU]
Royal Headache – ‘Down The Lane’ [AU]
Pond – ‘Moth Wings’ [AU]
The Twerps – ‘Through the Day’ [AU]
The Clean – ‘Anything Could Happen’ [NZ]
Isidore – ‘Some Reverse Magic’ [AU/US]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 1
Isidore – ‘Ready Made’ [AU/US]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 2
Isidore – ‘The Headlight Child’ [AU/US]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 3
The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
Synthcake – ‘Solo’ [CA]
Synthcake – ‘Drip’ [CA]

Featured video: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Papa Won’t Leave You Henry’ (live) [1993]

Stranded podcast #110

May 5, 2012

* Featuring an interview with Steve Kilbey of The Church and side-project Isidore *

Hello again music lovers!  Last weekend was Record Store Day and I loaded up on some vinyl at Scratch Records in Vancouver.  And thanks to Zack for pointing out a few Australian obscurities including a live EP by The Powdermonkeys called ‘Straight Until Morning.’ This blistering 1995 set by one of Melbourne’s most lauded rock bands, led by rock and roll true believer, the late Tim Hemensley, was recorded live in the JJJ Radio studios.

And what a treat it always is to interview Steve Kilbey for the show. I spoke with Steve over the phone this week about his side-project Isidore, with Jeffrey Cain.  The much-anticipated second release from Isidore called ‘Life Somewhere Else‘ is another nuanced hypnotic gem from this quality duo.  Today Steve talks about how he came to partner with the American Jeffrey Cain and he shares a remarkable story about his discovery of Bhakti Yoga.  I  feature four tracks today from the self-titled release from Isidore and two tracks from the new record.  More to come next week…

The Powdermonkeys – ‘Straight Until Morning’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘Gotta Push The World Away’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘I Thank You’ [AU]
The Powdermonkeys – ‘Persecution Blues’ (live) [AU]
The Powdermonkeys  – ‘I Stand Bare’ (live) [AU]
Isidore – ‘Musidora’ [AU/US]
Isidore – ‘Sanskrit’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 1
Isidore – ‘Ghosting’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 2
Isidore – ‘Transmigration’ [AU/US]
Steve Kilbey interview Pt 3
Isidore –  ‘Life Somewhere Else’ [AU/US]
Isidore – ‘Old Black Spirit’ [AU/US]

Featured video:  Isidore – ‘Sanskrit’ (2004)