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Podcast #395

March 23, 2020

Featuring Nitocris, Marlaena Moore, Dana Gavanski and more

Adalita – ‘The Repairer’ [AU]
Spiderbait – ‘Calypso’ [AU]
The Spazzys – ‘Paco Doesn’t Love Me’ [AU]
Kim Salmon – ‘Let’s All Get Destroyed’ [AU]
Kim Salmon – ‘Unadulterated’ [AU]
Kim Salmon – ‘The Poison Pen’ [AU]
John K Sampson – ‘Millennium for All’ [CA]
Dana Gavanski – ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ [CA]
Marlaena Moore – ‘Imposter’ [CA]
A Tribe Called Red – ‘Land Back’ [CA]
Mundy’s Bay – ‘Visions Of You’ [CA]
Nitocris – ‘10 Stories Down’ [AU]
Nitocris – ‘Sycophant’ [AU]

In celebration of recent International Women’s Day, this week you can hear some classic tracks from Adalita, Spiderbait, The Spazzys, and Nitocris. The prolific Kim Salmon put out a couple of new singles last year and we air them as well. Then it’s the weekly mix of new Canadian tracks including the new A Tribe Called Red single Land Back, which is in support of the Indigenous-led protests involving the Coastal GasLink pipeline in BC.

Stranded podcast #183

January 4, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Supernatural River *

I found a copy of Spiderbait‘s 2004 release Tonight Alright, sitting in studio C at CiTR, so what better time to revisit this unique three-piece, featuring a singing drummer, who began their musical journey in the small down of Finley, Victoria in 1989.   I’ve even met music fans here in Canada who speak fondly of seeing Spiderbait perform on their one and only tour to these parts a number of years ago.   New single ‘Straight Through The Sun’ follows a small selection of tracks from the band’s back catalogue.

In June 2011 we interviewed passionate local musician The Boogieman Jordan Daniel.  Jordan has refined his musical identity since then and now records and performs as Supernatural River. He returns to CiTR today, with his partner Coleen Knows, to introduce us to an upcoming talk ‘Ayahuasca – A Conversation About Psychedelic Plants and the Expansion of Consciousness’.  Tune in to hear Jordan speak with conviction and humour about his experiences with the conscious-raising, and healing potential of the Ayahuasca plant, and get on down to Lanalous in Vancouver, next Thursday night for the full talk, with musical accompaniment by Supernatural River (solo)!

Featured video: Supernatural River – ‘Sleepwalker’ (live and unrehearsed) [2013]

Stranded playlist 05 August 2011

August 6, 2011

The Go-Betweens – ‘Right Here’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Streets Of Your Town’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Lavender” [AU]
Grant McLennan – ‘Lighting Fires’ [AU]
Grant McLennan – ‘Hot Water’ [AU]
Grant McLennan – ‘In Your Bright Day’ [AU]
Spiderbait – ‘Shazam’ [AU]
Nick Cave and Neko Case – ‘She’s Not There’ [AU/CA]
Adalita – ‘Hot Air’ [AU]
Fun Machine – ‘Ah Tee’ [AU]
Neil Young and the International Harversters – ‘Amber Jean’ [CA]
Neil Young and the International Harversters – ‘Are you ready for the country?’ [CA]
Neil Young and the International Harversters – ‘Grey Riders’ [CA]
Geoff Berner – ‘Wealthy Poet’ [CA]
Shed – ‘Helmet Song’ [CA]
Needles//Pins – ‘Drop It’ [CA]

Featured video: Grant McLennan – ‘Lighting Fires’ (1992)