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Stranded podcast #240

March 20, 2015

* Interview with record collector Ed Lasko Pt 2 *

We’re very honoured this week to welcome back record-collector extraordinaire Ed Lasko!  Ed gifted listeners last December with a selection of super-rare Australian 7″ singles and he has returned to continue his history lesson.  This week he re-visits the native British-Columbian Luke Simmons who transplanted himself to New Zealand where he became a country music pioneer.  Ed also introduces us to Australia’s first pop music star Frank Ifield, as well as the legendary folk/pop outfit The Seekers and more obscure finds like The Midnighter’s and The Southerners.   And of course there is the original version of ‘My Boomerang Won’t Come Back’ which was actually written by British man Charlie Drake!

Featured video: The Bee Gees – ‘Road To Alaska’ (live) [1975]

Stranded podcast #228

December 23, 2014

* Interview with record collector Ed Lasko *

Today we invite onto the show a true music enthusiast and dedicated record collector Ed Lasko!  Ed has built an impressive collection of 7″ singles throughout his life, with his main specialities being pre-1960s rockabilly and early rock n roll.  His investigations have helped him unearth some hidden gems from the early rock and country music history of both Australia and New Zealand.  Tune in to hear Ed spin his own prized singles by artists such as Johnny O’Keefe, Slim Dusty, Johnny Rebb and even Luke Simmons, a native of the lower mainland of British Columbia who amazingly left his homeland to become New Zealand’s first ever country music star!

Featured video: Johnny Rebb and the Rebels – ‘Rock On’ [1959]



Stranded podcast #180

December 14, 2013

* Featuring Politically Correct Waltzing Matilda’ *

The bush ballad ‘Waltzing Matilda’ is certainly the most famous of all Australian folk songs. It was first composed by poet Banjo Patterson in 1895 and set to music shortly thereafter.  From left field today you can hear a hilarious version titled ‘Politically Correct Waltzing Matilda’, performed by John Shortis and Moya Simpspn, which is what the song would sound like heavily edited by a couple of up-tight government employees!

I am just back from a brief trip to the province of Saskatchewan, where not only did I perform my own version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ at a family gathering, but I also attended a house show by pianist and singer Jeffrey Straker, who is a native of the suburb of Cathedral in Regina. You can hear one of Jeffrey’s recent singles on the show today, as well as notable Saskatchewan artists Library Voices and Megan Nash and newcomer Kent Davies.

Featured video: Good For Grapes – ‘London Fog’ (2013)