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Podcast #378

July 25, 2019

Featuring Dumb Things, Ali Barter, Foxwarren and more

You Am I – ‘It Ain’t Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Thuggery’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘I’m A Mess’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch – ‘Lost at Sea’ [AU]
Dumb Things – ‘Today Tonight’ [AU]
Ali Barter – ‘Backseat’ [AU]
Dakk’one – ‘Freedom’ [CA]
Taylor Janzen – ‘Dennis Quaid’ [CA]
Foxwarren – ‘To Be’ [CA]
Shotgun Jimmie – ‘Cool All The Time’ [CA]
J.P. Mortier – ‘Sons Of Steel’ [CA]
B.A Johnston – ‘We’re All Going To Jail (Except Pete, He’s Gonna Die)’
Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union – ‘Kalgoorlie’

You Am I’s seventh studio album, Convicts (2006), has just been released on vinyl for the first time and to celebrate we air three tracks from the album at the top of the show. That is followed by the prolific Steve Kilbey‘s latest single ‘Lost at Sea’, which is a collaboration with Gareth Koch who is a Viennese-trained guitarist/ and composer. We introduce Brisbane’s Dumb Things, and in the Canadian half of the show air a track from Shotgun Jimmie‘s come-back album Transistor Sister 2.

Stranded podcast #150

May 4, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Myriam Steinberg, artistic director of the In The House Festival *

Vancouver music lovers have been gifted, this coming Saturday, with a free outdoor homecoming concert by The New Pornographers!  This Vancouver super group, featuring the world-class songwriting talents of Carl Newman (Superconductor, Zumpano) and Dan Bejar (Destroyer), has recorded five albums of effervescent power-pop, as well as giving birth to numerous solo efforts from the band’s other key singing voices Kathryn Calder and Neko Case.  Today on the show you can hear a selection of tunes by the band, recorded between 2000 and 2010.

This year, the In The House Festival is celebrating 10 years of opening the homes of local residents, to host an array of outstanding musical, comedic and theatrical talent.  Festival director Myriam Steinberg phones through today to chat about the origins of this unique and amazing community-building festival and to encourage listeners to attend the 10-year anniversary gala and fundraiser, which is being held next Thursday night at Famee Furlane Hall, 2605 E.Pender St, Vancouver.

The yearly DOXA documentary film festival is being held this weekend in Vancouver.  In the second half of the show today I review local production ‘East Hastings Pharmacy’ , directed by Antoine Bourges, which is being shown on Sunday at 2pm. MG

The New Pornographers – ‘Letter From an Occupant’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘To Wild Homes’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘The Laws Have Changed’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘It’s Only Divine Right’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Twin Cinema’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Jackie, Dressed In Cobras’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Crash Years’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Silver Jenny Dollar’ [CA]
Interview with Myriam Steinberg
Fine Times – ‘Bright Lights’ [CA]
Wiser Fool – ‘Like Lightning From Heaven’ [CA]
Review of the DOXA documentary ‘East Hastings Pharmacy’
Young Galaxy – ‘Pretty Boy’ [CA]
Shotgun Jimmie – ‘Skype Date’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Love For All Living Things’ [CA]
The Boom Booms – ‘Caroline’ [CA]

Featured video – The New Pornographers – ‘The Laws Have Changed’ (live in Sydney) [2008]

Stranded playlist 24 June 2011

June 25, 2011

The Saints – ‘Ghost Ships’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Simple Love’ (live) [AU]
The Saints – ‘Howling’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Porno Movies’ [AU]
Karnivool – ‘Goliath’ [AU]
Karnivool – ‘All I Want’ [AU]
Simon Chainsaw and the Hippy Killers – ‘Ain’t no right or wrong’ [AU]
New Christs – ‘I Swear’ [AU]
CC and the Cat – ‘Nicotine’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘One Day’ [AU]
Sailor Days – ‘Species Counterpoint’ [AU]
Dunhill Blues – ‘Walking The Dog’ [AU]
Sloan – ‘I Am The Cancer’ [CA]
Sloan – ‘Follow The Leader’ [CA]
Shotgun Jimmie – ‘Mind Crumb’ [CA]
Old Man Luedecke – ‘Mountain Plain’ [CA]
Cousins – ‘Secret Weapon’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘Dark End Of The Street’ [CA]

Featured video:  The Saints – ‘Ghost Ships’ (1984)