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Podcast #410

July 1, 2020

Featuring Scarlet Drive, Constantines, Leela Gilday and more 

Tamam Shud – ‘Music Train Evolution’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘I’m No One’ [AU]
Tamam Shud – ‘Mr Strange’ [AU]
Miiesha – ‘Twisting Words’ [AU]
Servo Flowers – ‘Messed Up’ [AU]
Scarlet Drive – ‘Not My Problem’ [AU]
Constantines – ‘Call Me Out’ [CA]
Bruce Peninsula – ‘Whistle’ [CA]
Leela Gilday – ‘Giants’ [CA]
Freak Heat Waves – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ [CA]
Patrick Farrugia – ‘Through The Looking Glass’ [CA]
Missy D – ‘Paint’ [CA]

Tamam Shud are a psychedelic, progressive rock and surf rock band who formed in 1967. Their unusual name comes from the mystery of the Somerton Man….We air three tracks from their debut album, Evolution, at the top of the show. We introduce world-class Australian Indigenous R&B and neo-soul artist Miiesha, Servo Flowers from Perth and indie band Bruce Peninsula from Ontario.

Podcast #345

July 24, 2018

Featuring Dave Graney, Rick Reid, Veneer and more

Regurgitator – ‘Like It Like That’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘My Friend Robot’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘Don’t Stress’ [AU]
Dave Graney – ‘Gloria Grahame’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Make It Work’ [AU]
Scarlet Drive – ‘Abusement Park’ [AU]
Blocktreat – ‘She Rattles (f. Jess Hll)’ [CA]
Red Monkey Black King – ‘Winter Woman’ [CA]
Pharis and Jason Romero – ‘Sweet Old Religion’ [CA]
Rick Reid – ‘anamoly’ [CA]
For Esmé – ‘For Others’ [CA]
Veneer – ‘Unsure’ [CA]

Seminal Brisbane-based three-piece Regurgitator has a new album on the way this August titled Headroxx. We’ll certainly be airing track from that record in due course, but in the meantime, we introduce the band to new listeners with three tracks from the band’s extensive back catalogue. We also feature the latest single titled, Gloria Graham, from the brilliant Dave Graney, who has been active in Australian music since the late 70s. And lots of quality new Canadian music including tracks from three more of the acts who played at Arts On The Fly 2018 – Blocktreat, Red Monkey Black King and Pharis and Jason Romero.

Podcast #330

March 31, 2018

Featuring Clare Hennesy, Broken Walls, AJ Ottaway and more

Underground Lovers – ‘I Was Right’ [AU]
Underground Lovers – ‘Losin’ It’ [AU]
Underground Lovers – ‘Unbearable’ [AU]
Clare Hennesy – ‘April’ [AU]
Purkinje – ‘Voyager’ [AU]
Scarlet Drive – ‘Seto’ [AU]
Kristi Lane Sinclair – ‘Fire In Santa Fe’ [CA]
Ansley Simpson – ‘Breakwall’ [CA]
Broken Walls – ‘The Path’ [CA]
Gut Floor – ‘Rager’ [CA]
Guilt Trap – ‘PSA’ [CA]
AJ Ottaway – ‘Chasing Safety’ [CA]

The back-catalogue of seminal, and highly respected Melbourne band Underground Lovers has been a glaring omission on playlists of this show, but we make amends this week by airing the single ‘Unbearable’ from their comeback record of last year, as well as two classic singles from their original 90s run of stellar records. We also feature three of the acts have been nominated for this year’s Indigenous Music Awards, which is held every year in Winnipeg – Kristi Lane Sinclair, Ansley Simpson and Broken Walls.