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Stranded podcast #115

June 13, 2012

* Special fill-in for the ‘Student Hour’ show on Wed.  Featuring tracks from the earlier days of Sydney’s multi-cultural thrash-punk legends, Hard-Ons, and an interview with Vancouver First Nations project Redsoulbluez *

Citadel Records is undertaking a series of re-issues of recordings from the first 10yrs of The Hard-Ons career.  Just released is a two CD gatefold release of ‘Smell My Finger/Hot For Your Love Baby’, including a whole bunch of demos, and live tracks.  I’m super-excited to play some of these vintage tracks.  Today it’s 6 of the bands early 7″ singles.  More to come next week!

Redsoulbluez are a brand new First Nations musical project, featuring Rose Siccama on vocals. They’re supporting Murray Porter at Fairview Pub in Vancouver this evening.  Today I feature a few tracks from the band and play an interview I recorded with them a matter of days ago.  MG

The Hard-Ons – ‘There Was A Time’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Excuses’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Surfin’ On My Face’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Bye Bye Girl’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Girl In The Sweater’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘I Heard Her  Call My Name’ [AU]
Sal Kimber – ‘Rockin Chair’ [AU]
Sal Kimber – ‘Beat Get’s Louder’ [AU]
Redsoulbluez -‘Music Is My Man’ [CA]
Interview with Redsoulbluez
Redsoulbluez – ‘Motherless Child’ [CA]

Featured video: Hard-Ons – ‘I Heard Her Call My Name’ (live) [1986]

Stranded playlist 20 Dec 2010

December 20, 2010

The Hitmen – ‘Didn’t Tell The Man’ [AU]
The Hitmen – ‘I Don’t Mind’ [AU]
The Hitmen – ‘Bwana Devil’ [AU]
Goat – ‘Mamma Says It’s Ok’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Sword and Shield’ [AU]
Sal Kimber – ‘Drive’ [AU]
Kill Matilda – ‘Geisha with a Switchblade’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Faultlines’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Last Train From London’ [CA]
Fine Mist – ‘Silver Jenny Dollar’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Angel Acres’ [CA]

Featured video: The Hitmen – ‘I Don’t Mind’ (1981)