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Podcast #404

May 20, 2020

Featuring The Stroppies, Erica Mah, Aiden Knight and more

The Stems – ‘Tears Me In Two’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Can’t Resist’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘At First Sight’ [AU]
The Stroppies – ‘Nothing At All’ [AU]
Poisoned Livers – ‘Wild Card’ [NZ]
Briggs – ‘Extra Extra’ [AU]
Neil Young – ‘Try’ [CA]
Harrow Fair – ‘Dark Gets Close’ [CA]
Erica Mah – ‘No Predators’ [CA]
Rich Aucoin – ‘How It Breaks’ [CA]
Austra – ‘Anywayz’ [CA]
The Flamingo Pinks – ‘Hold On’ [CA]
Aiden Knight – ‘Sixteen Stares’ [CA]
Pharis & Jason Romero – ‘Old Chateliane’ [CA]
Heron – ‘Void Eater’ [CA]

Sadly, Richard Lane, a founding member of Perth power pop act, The Stems, has passed away so we air three classics from this beloved power-pop and garage rock band from Perth, WA. This week you can hear a track from indigenous rapper Briggs, a taster from Neil Young‘s soon to be released, long lost album Homegrown, and we introduce punk band Poisoned Livers from New Zealand and singer-songwriter Erica Mah from Whitehorse, Yukon.

Podcast #400

April 25, 2020

Featuring Jillian Lake, Elf Pity, Kim Barlow and more

Young Modern – ‘Automatic’ [AU]
The Zimmermen – ‘Don’t Go To Sydney’ [AU]
John Dowler – ‘Golden Days’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Babies Bite Back (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Choose Bad Smack (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘The Mystery of the Artist Explained (live)’ [AU]
Pharis & Jason Romero – ‘Hometown Blues’ [CA]
Rich Aucoin – ‘How It Breaks’ [CA]
Wares – ‘Living Proof’ [CA]
Elf Pity – ‘Fisher’ [CA]
Jillian Lake – ‘Bleed Baby Bleed’ [CA]
Minimus Rex – ‘The Strangest of Ways’ [CA]
Phuture Memoriez – ‘Nrg or Nrj’ [CA]
Kim Barlow – ‘String Bean’ [CA]

After some classic Aussie power pop from John Dowler‘s bands Young Modern and The Zimmermen, we have a real treat this week with tracks from a surprise archival release from the legendary anarchic alternative rock band TISM – ‘Live At The Corner Hotel 30 May 1988’. In the Canadian half of the show you can hear the latest single from Pharis & Jason Romero from Horsefly BC, and a track by Minimus Rex which is his reflection on his Covid-19 isolation.