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Stranded podcast #213

August 23, 2014

* Greg, John and Meshe from the ‘Love Is My Alibi’ compilation LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today we are joined in the studio by sound artist Greg Molesky, who has created a quality compilation of local singer-songwriters called ‘Love Is My Alibi’.  Greg’s idea was to ask some of his friends to pen a tune using the line ‘Love Is My Alibi’ as a lyric.  He was pleased to receive contributions from Greg Valou, Heidi McGurdy, John Buchanan, Theda Phoenix, Kelly Haigh, Terry Townson and Meshe.  Meshe and John were both available this evening and they join us in the studio to perform live with acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion!

Featured video: Meshe and Moon Circus – ‘Show Me Angels’ (live) [2012]

Stranded playlist 23 Dec 2011

December 24, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1981 album from Radio Birdman, ‘Living Eyes’ *

Radio Birdman – ‘Hanging On’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘455 SD’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – I-94′ [AU]
Radio Birdman -Burn My Eye ’78’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Smith and Wesson Blues’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Crying Sun’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Alone In The Endzone’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Dark Surprise’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Break’s My Heart’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘More Fun’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Didn’t Tell The Man’ (live) [AU]
Shihad – ‘The Final Year of the Universe’ [AU]
Stonefield – ‘Black Water Rising’ [AU]
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Hypercube’ [AU]
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘There Is No No’ [AU]
Andy Magoffin – ‘Maiden’ [CA]
Olenka Krakus – ‘Maggie Howie’ [CA]
Tara Beagan & Henry Adam Svec – ‘Little Indian Maid’ [CA]
Feist – ‘The Bad in Each Other’ [CA]

Featured video: Radio Birdman – ‘Burn My Eye’ (live) [1978]