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ozstranded podcast #102

March 3, 2012

*Featuring a retrospective on Melbourne folk/rock band Weddings Parties Anything*

Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Father’s Day’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Taylor Square’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Step In, Step Out’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Money Cuts You Out’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘The Rain In My Heart’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Island of Humor’ (w/Billy Bragg) [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Houses’ [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘Don’t need much’  [AU]
Weddings Parties Anything – ‘A Decent Cup Of Coffee’ [AU]
Mick Thomas – ‘Woody’s First Wife’ [AU]
Andromeda-2085 – ‘Electric Cars’ [AU]
PNAU – ‘Unite Us’ [AU]
Cut Copy – ‘Blink and You’ll Miss A Revolution’ [AU]
Daniel Moir – ‘Fruitless Journey’ [CA]
Grimes – ‘Infinite Without Fulfillment’ [CA]
Grimes – ‘Genesis’ [CA]
Synthcake – ‘Musicophilia’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘I Hate Being Late’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ [CA]
Evaporators – ‘Bring It Home’ [CA]

Featured video: ‘Island of Humor’ (live) [1994]

Stranded playlist 4 Nov 2011

November 5, 2011

* Featuring special guests, Vancouver residents and Australian ex-pats Kelly Weiss (chatting about her favourite tunes) and Katrina Mae (speaking about her show ‘inCLINEd: Celebrating the music of the iconic Patsy Cline’) *

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – ‘Poison Ivy’ [AU]
The Masters’ Apprentices – ‘Burried and Dead’ [AU]
The Bee Gees – ‘Spicks and Specks’ [AU]
 The Easybeats- ‘Women’ [AU]
The Valentines (feat. Bon Scott) – ‘Juliette’ [AU]
Goyte – ‘Heart’s A Mess’ [AU]
Goyte – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ [AU]
PNAU – ‘With You Forever’ [AU]
PNAU – ‘The Truth’ [AU]
City and Colour – ‘Fragile Bird’ [CA]
City and Colour – ‘Oh Sister’ [CA]
Left Spine Down – ‘The Truth Is A Lie’ [CA]
Devin Townshend Project – ‘Juular’ [CA]
Phone chat with Katrina Mae
Patsy Cline – ‘I Fall To Pieces [US]

Featured video:  Goyte – ‘Heart’s A Mess’ (2006)