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Stranded podcast #229

December 30, 2014

* Interview with Alea Rae and Nicholas from The Good In Everyone *

Today we revisit the proto-grunge sounds of Australia’s Cosmic Psychos, featuring the fuzz-bass and vocal growl of farmer and bulldozer driver Ross Knight. The fascinating and unlikely story of the band’s adventures overseas has been documented in the film ‘Blokes You Can Trust’ [2014].

Today is our xmas special and we air a handful of Christmas-themed songs, including a super-cool track by Vancouver’s Paul Leahy (of the band Polly) called ‘Rumble on Christmas Eve Night‘.

And in the last half hour of the show we catch up once again with Alea Rae and her band, as well as Nicholas from indie-pop band The Good In Everyone. Our returning guests reflect on the year in music, especially in regard to the Vancouver scene.

Featured video: Cosmic Psychos – ‘Custom Credit’ (live) [2011]

Stranded podcast #227

December 13, 2014

Today our special guest is experimental vocalist and violin player Lara Kroeker.  Lara is a unique presence on the Vancouver music scene.  She builds song structures and sounds by looping phrases using her voice, violin and a looping station.  In the past she has played with indie groups including Attics and Cellars, Sparrow, The Beauticians, The Insomniacs and The Mudlarks and she even once shared a stage with the legendary Odetta at the Regina Folk Festival.  Today you can hear three of her stunning original compositions played live in the CiTR studio!

Featured video:  Lara Kroeker – ‘Stand-Up’ (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #223

November 14, 2014

* Featuring the music of roots legend Oh Susanna *

Today we visit the music of Canadian roots legend Oh Susanna.  Suzanne Ungerleider adopted the stage name Oh Susanna shortly before the release of her debut EP in 1995.  Her career really took off after relocating from Vancouver to Toronto, and she is now renowned the world over for her stunning vocals and her evocative alternative country songs and murder ballads.  You are can hear tracks from three of her early albums on the show today, including the moving, juno-winning single, ‘River Blue’.

Featured video: Oh Susanna – ‘River Blue’ [2001]

Stranded podcast #217

September 27, 2014

* Interviews with First Nations activist Rose Henry and musician Peter Foldy *

Two of our favourite guests revisit the show today – First Nations activist Rose Henry and film maker/musician Peter Foldy.  Rose has caught the ferry from Victoria, BC, to attend a meeting with the British Columbia Public Interest Research Centre. As alway, she passionately brings us up to date with the struggle for social justice in this part of the world, and today she reminds us of the issue of voter ID requirements in the lead-up to the next federal election.

Peter Foldy returns to play some tunes from his long awaited new record ‘Nine Lives.’ First up we revisit his fascinating early story growing up in Australia where he was friends with The Bee Gees when they were first starting out. We air a couple of early Bee Gees compositions, as well as two tracks by another childhood friend Trevor Gordon who is actually backed by the youthful Bee Gees. I highly recommend listening to these tunes as a reminder of the sophistication of the early Bee Gees’ songwriting.

Featured video: The Bee Gees – ‘Wine and Women’ (live) [1965]

Stranded podcast #163

August 4, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Jaimie Vernon, author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Pop Music *

In 2012, Toronto-based musician and author Jaimie Vernon completed a remarkable self-directed task – the publishing of his book The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia.  The Encyclopedia, which took many years to compile,  contains over 2300 solo artist and band biographies and discographies spanning the period 1949 to present.  Jaimie phones through today to speak about how his desire to provide recognition for deserving independent artists, led him to dedicate himself to such a mammoth and worthwhile task.  And tune in to hear Jaimie’s expertly picked Cancon requests…A special thanks to Peter Foldy for introducing Jaimie to the show!

Children Collide – ‘Social Currency’ [AU]
Children Collide – ‘Farewell Rocketship’ [AU]
The Grates – ’19 20 20′ [AU]
The Grates – ‘Science Is Golden’ [AU]
Poisoned – ‘Final Cliche’ [CA]
Interview with Jaimie Vernon Pt 1
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  – ‘Life Is Golden’ [CA]
Interview with Jaimie Vernon Pt 2
Painter – ‘West Coast Woman’ [CA]
Interview with Jaimie Vernon Pt 3
Peter Foldy – ‘Carly’ [CA]
Interview with Jaimie Vernon Pt 4
The Payola$ – ‘China Boys’ [CA]
Young Canadians – ‘This Is Your Life’ [CA]
The Odds – ‘Wendy Under The Stars’ [CA]

Featured video: Children Collide – ‘Farewell Rocketship’ [2009]