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Podcast #280

August 17, 2016

Featuring an interview with singer-songwriter Sam Tudor

Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill – ‘Our Sunshine’ [AU]
Paul Kelly & the Stormwater Boys – ‘Stumbling Block’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘Sonnet 18’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Don’t You Fly’ [AU]
Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘Makin’ It Work’ [AU]
Sam Tudor – ‘Modern New Year’ [CA]
Interview with Sam Tudor
Sam Tudor – ‘Vaccines’ [CA]
Drum and Bell Tower – ‘Song Zero’ [CA]
Ok Vancouver Ok – ‘Black Part of Light’ [CA]
Hazy – ‘You More’ [CA]
Supermoon- ‘Fast Fashion’ [CA]

I’ve been on a roots-music kick of late so I thought I’d play one track apiece from the two albums that Paul Kelly put out with blue-grass backing bands – Paul Kelly and Uncle Bill – ‘Smoke’ (1999) and Paul Kelly and the Stormwater Boys – ‘Stolen Apples’ (2007). Both albums were well-received by Paul Kelly fans and root-music lovers alike. I follow that with a track from Paul Kelly’s latest album Seven Sonnets and a Song (2016), which remarkably features Paul putting music to the sonnets of Williams Shakespeare, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the passing of the great bard.

Our special guest this week is singer-songwriter Sam Tudor, who is based in the Cariboo in BC, after time spent in Vancouver. I ran into Sam at the Arts Wells music festival and was pleased to discover he was wearing a CiTR radio sweater! Sam speaks about his community radio roots and describes how he got into songwriting an record making with the help of an influential school teacher.

Stranded podcast #245

April 24, 2015

* Interview with Edmonton-based singer-songwriter Josh Sahunta *

This week we are joined on the phone by Edmonton-based singer-songwriter Josh Sahunta. Josh is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, who also home records his own quality acoustic-pop material.  Tune in to hear this good-natured and enthusiastic new artist speak of the supportive music community in Edmonton and his busy life juggling music and life as a full time student,

Featured video: Josh Sahunta – ‘Lights’ [2014]

Stranded podcast #229

December 30, 2014

* Interview with Alea Rae and Nicholas from The Good In Everyone *

Today we revisit the proto-grunge sounds of Australia’s Cosmic Psychos, featuring the fuzz-bass and vocal growl of farmer and bulldozer driver Ross Knight. The fascinating and unlikely story of the band’s adventures overseas has been documented in the film ‘Blokes You Can Trust’ [2014].

Today is our xmas special and we air a handful of Christmas-themed songs, including a super-cool track by Vancouver’s Paul Leahy (of the band Polly) called ‘Rumble on Christmas Eve Night‘.

And in the last half hour of the show we catch up once again with Alea Rae and her band, as well as Nicholas from indie-pop band The Good In Everyone. Our returning guests reflect on the year in music, especially in regard to the Vancouver scene.

Featured video: Cosmic Psychos – ‘Custom Credit’ (live) [2011]

Stranded podcast #218

October 4, 2014

* Interview with Jake from Holzkopf, Other Jesus and the Red Gate Arts Society *

Today we interview an eclectic artist named Jake Hardy, who pushes boundaries with his noise/electronica project Holzkopf and gives back to the community through is work with the Red Gate Arts Society.  Jake speaks about the origins of Red Gate and the challenges inherent in keeping a music venue and art space viable in Vancouver.   You will hear a track from the brand new holzkopf / mindkontrolultra split 12″, which is the first ever recording to come out on the Red Gate Recording label, as well as a track from Jake’s side project, three piece band Other Jesus

Featured video: Other Jesus – ‘Believe’ [2014]


Stranded podcast #149

April 27, 2013

* Featuring an exclusive interview with legendary Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly *

Christina Amphlett, the vivacious and soulful lead singer of the Divynals, sadly passed away this week in New York city where she had been bravely battling both breast cancer and MS. Christina will be forever immortalized as a true role model for female performers who fearlessly bare their sexuality and vulnerability, while taking a no-holds-bar approach to performance in an industry dominated by the masculine.  RIP Chrissie.

Another legendary Australian musical icon is featured today – the prolific singer-songwriter Paul Kelly.  Paul is currently touring his most recent LP ‘Spring and Fall’, which is a thoughtful acoustic song-cycle that tells the story of a love relationship as it ebbs and flows with the seasons.  I had the remarkable fortune to interview Paul in Seattle earlier this year.  Today you can hear that interview in full, in anticipation of Paul’s upcoming Wednesday night show in Vancouver at the Rio on Broadway.

The Divynals – ‘Pleasure and Pain’ [AU]
The Divynals – ‘Back To The Wall’ [AU]
The Divynals – ‘Boys In Town’ [AU]
The Divynals -‘Science Fiction’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘From St Kilda To Kings Cross’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘Dumb Things’ [AU]
Paul Kelly- ‘When I First Met Your Ma’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘When a Woman Love a Man’ [AU]
Interview with Paul Kelly Pt 1
Paul Kelly -‘Cold As Canada’ [AU]
Interview with Paul Kelly Pt 2
Paul Kelly – ‘Little Aches and Pains’ [AU]
Hayden – ‘Motel’ [CA]
Pick A Piper -‘Lucid In Fjords’ [CA]
Christ vs Krishna – ‘Teezer’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘I’ve Been Since I’ve Been’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘Pit House Tree House’ [CA]

Featured video – Paul Kelly – ‘Cold As Canada” (live) [2013]