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Stranded podcast #258

August 4, 2015

* Singer-songwriter Janaya Salmond LIVE in the CiTR studio *

This week’s extra special guest is a fresh face to Vancouver’s singer-songwriter scene – Janaya Salmond. Janaya comes from a musical family and has been surrounded by great songwriting all her life, as her father is a music producer. Janaya is a talented multi-instrumentalist and she chose to accompany herself on the show with an uncommon instrument known as a strum-stick. Tune in to hear Janaya soulfully execute two of her original compositions that will no doubt be on her forthcoming debut album!

Featured video: Janaya Salmond – ‘For Joni’ (live) [2015]

Stranded podcast #224

November 22, 2014

* Interview with Jeff, Laura and Lizza from OK Vancouver OK *

Today we welcome back to the studio OK Vancouver OK!  The whole band – Jeff, Laura and Lizza – are joined by little baby Henry (who added a lot of fun to the studio).  OK Vancouver Ok’s last record ‘Food, Shelter, Water’ was an impressive celebration of community and the important basics in our lives.  The new record ‘Influences’, recorded reel to reel on the same Washington state island as the previous LP, has been created as tribute to Jeff and the band’s many musical friends and influences.  It’s surely set to become a much loved release locally and beyond, to the far flung places that Ok Vancouver Ok intends to tour.

Featured video: OK Vancouver Ok – ‘Building A Way’ [2014]

Stranded podcast #223

November 14, 2014

* Featuring the music of roots legend Oh Susanna *

Today we visit the music of Canadian roots legend Oh Susanna.  Suzanne Ungerleider adopted the stage name Oh Susanna shortly before the release of her debut EP in 1995.  Her career really took off after relocating from Vancouver to Toronto, and she is now renowned the world over for her stunning vocals and her evocative alternative country songs and murder ballads.  You are can hear tracks from three of her early albums on the show today, including the moving, juno-winning single, ‘River Blue’.

Featured video: Oh Susanna – ‘River Blue’ [2001]

Stranded podcast #214

August 29, 2014

* RIP Jay Curley of Tumbleweed *

This week the sad news broke of the passing of Jay Curley, bassist of legendary Woolongong-based stoner band Tumbleweed.   Jay and his brother Lenny were two of the founding members of the band which became a much-loved and influential stalwart on the Australian music scene of the 1990s.  Tumbleweed were renowned for their  fuzzed out Sabbath-inspired and wah-wah guitar riffs combined with the Beatles-esq melodies of singer Richie Lewis, played at mammoth volume to legions of fans.   Today we offer a tribute to Jay’s contributions to the early years of the band.

Featured video: Tumbleweed – ‘Acid Rain’ [1992]

Stranded podcast #183

January 4, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Supernatural River *

I found a copy of Spiderbait‘s 2004 release Tonight Alright, sitting in studio C at CiTR, so what better time to revisit this unique three-piece, featuring a singing drummer, who began their musical journey in the small down of Finley, Victoria in 1989.   I’ve even met music fans here in Canada who speak fondly of seeing Spiderbait perform on their one and only tour to these parts a number of years ago.   New single ‘Straight Through The Sun’ follows a small selection of tracks from the band’s back catalogue.

In June 2011 we interviewed passionate local musician The Boogieman Jordan Daniel.  Jordan has refined his musical identity since then and now records and performs as Supernatural River. He returns to CiTR today, with his partner Coleen Knows, to introduce us to an upcoming talk ‘Ayahuasca – A Conversation About Psychedelic Plants and the Expansion of Consciousness’.  Tune in to hear Jordan speak with conviction and humour about his experiences with the conscious-raising, and healing potential of the Ayahuasca plant, and get on down to Lanalous in Vancouver, next Thursday night for the full talk, with musical accompaniment by Supernatural River (solo)!

Featured video: Supernatural River – ‘Sleepwalker’ (live and unrehearsed) [2013]