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Stranded podcast #223

November 14, 2014

* Featuring the music of roots legend Oh Susanna *

Today we visit the music of Canadian roots legend Oh Susanna.  Suzanne Ungerleider adopted the stage name Oh Susanna shortly before the release of her debut EP in 1995.  Her career really took off after relocating from Vancouver to Toronto, and she is now renowned the world over for her stunning vocals and her evocative alternative country songs and murder ballads.  You are can hear tracks from three of her early albums on the show today, including the moving, juno-winning single, ‘River Blue’.

Featured video: Oh Susanna – ‘River Blue’ [2001]

Podcast #170

September 22, 2013

* Featuring multi-instrumentalist Conrad Penner LIVE in the studio *

This week we invite into the studio, Conrad Penner, a fascinating multi-instrumentalist, who has been a fixture of the Vancouver music scene for well over a decade. Conrad speaks of a variety of projects that he has been part of over years, and plays a range of tracks that demonstrate his eclectic musical abilities. He also plays a couple of acoustic tracks LIVE in the studio, including a a cover of a Kurt Cobain-penned rarity.

And a favorite guest of the show, Janis McKenzie of CiTR Radio pops into the studio at the tail end of the show to play a track by the legendary Vancouver band The Enigmas, as well as the impressive singer Oh Susanna. Enjoy!

Spacesum – ‘Spacescum’ [CA]
Better Than Nothing- ‘Drunk Again’ [CA]
Pen 15 – ‘Spaceracer’ [CA]
DrivewayBros – ‘Driveway Tarp’ [CA]
Conrad Penner – ‘Disaster Piece’ (live) [CA]
Wickedmix 181 – ’10 Feet Tall [CA]’
Potus – ‘rlprnr’ [CA]
Under Trees – ‘None Too Pleased’ [CA]
Conrad Penner – ‘Old Age’ (Nirvana) (live) [CA]
The Enigmas – ‘Teenage Barnacle’ [CA]
Symphony Of Screams – ‘Amsterdam Place’ [NZ]
Oh Susanna – ‘You’ll Always Be’ [CA]

Featured video – Simon & Conrad – ‘Dual Beats’ (2009)