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Stranded podcast #119

July 21, 2012

* Featuring a retrospective on Hunters & Collectors and drone band NURSE who are playing Vancouver Noise Fest this weekend *

Hunters & Collectors were one of the Australia’s most prominent and respected rock bands who formed as a collective of musicians in Melbourne in the early 1980s.  Their early recordings and ramshackle gigs were an inspired mix of Krautrock, pub rock and art funk.  Featuring the remarkable songwriting talents of singer Mark Seymour, the band evolved over the years into a more straight-ahead passionate rock band that broke into the mainstream with some classic songs including the much-covered ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’.   Today you can listen to a brief retrospective on Hunters & Collectors that samples tracks from their 1983 self-titled debut through to the ‘Cut’ record of 1992.

Also on today’s show is a preview of two festivals happening in sunny Vancouver over the weekend. First up is drone band NURSE who are playing Vancouver Noise Fest on Sunday afternoon.  You can listen to two hypnotic instrumental tracks from this avant grade local outfit, which features Matthew Klassen on guitar and Patrick Beattie on synth.  Bring on the drone!  Saturday is the annual Khatsalano Festival on West 4th ave – surely one of the most impressive street festivals of the summer with over 40 bands rocking the afternoon away.  Today I play Chains of Love and Kathryn Calder who are both performing at the festival.  MG

Hunters & Collectors – ‘Talking To A Stranger’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘Run Run Run’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘It’s Early Days Yet’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘Back On The Breadline’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘January Rain’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘When The River Runs Dry’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘Head Above Water’ [AU]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘Holy Grail’ [AU]
NURSE – ‘Airship’ [CA]
NURSE – ‘Black Star And Night’ [CA]
Kathryn Calder – ‘One Two Three’ [CA]
Chains of Love – ‘He’s Leaving Me’ [CA]
Hunters & Collectors – ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ [AU]

Featured video:  Hunters & Collectors – ‘Talking To A Stranger’ (1982)

Stranded podcast #114

June 6, 2012

* Featuring a special on the 2012 Music Waste Festival and an in-studio interview with Vancouver hard rock band Black Sugar *

The start of spring is a wonderful time to be in Vancouver. As the winter damp and grey morphs into hints of summer seductions, the first of the major musical festivals transforms a number of local venues into the weekend of musical creativity and performance that is Music Waste. I feature a few of the bands playing this year’s Music Waste, including CiTR’s own Chrisariffic! To warm up the show I feature a few tracks from Chris’ old band They Shoot Horses Don’t They, before showcasing some local acts that you can catch this weekend.

Fresh alt-country from Australia’s The Yearlings follows, before we come full circle and feature a local band of a completely different style – hard rock. Vancouver’s Black Sugar has 3 track ep out and are gearing up an upcoming gig at the Railway Club on June 15. Vocalist Rob and guitarist Alex of the band pop into the studio to chat and play a couple of acoustic tracks live! Matt G

They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – ‘Emptyhead’ [CA]
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – ‘Hiccup’ [CA]
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – The Bugs [CA]
Chrisarrific – ‘Christian Witch’ [CA]
Yung Mums – ‘Cobra’ [CA]
The Ballantynes – ‘The Message’ [CA]
Brazilian Money –  ‘I Won’t Be Such A Loser’ [CA]
Brazilian Money – ‘Ovaltine In The Morning’ [CA]
Brazilian Money – ‘Can’t Live In A Vacume’ [CA]
Shuyler Jansen – ‘Falcon’s Wing’ [CA]
Nurse- ‘Airship’ [CA]
The Yearlings – ‘Butterfly’ [AU]
The Yearlings – ‘Distraction’ [AU]
Black Sugar – ‘Burning One Down’ (live in the CiTR studio) [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Nothing’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘100 Ways To Die’ (live in the CiTR studio) [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Pretty Women’ [CA]

Featured video: Brazilian Money (live) at BBQ Your Own Waste