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Podcast #312

October 7, 2017

Featuring The Dishrags, The Plodes, No Sister and more

Pointed Sticks – ‘Out Of Luck’ [CA]
The Dishrags – ‘Past Is Past’ [CA]
The Enigmas – Windshield Wiper’ [CA]
Roo – ‘Selkie’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘Romantic Notion’ [AU]
Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls – ‘Wasted On You’ [AU]
Moths and Locusts – ‘Strange Space’ [CA]
Julie and the Wrong Guys – ‘You Wanted What I Wanted’ [CA]
Chad Van Gaalen – ‘Old Heads’ [CA]
KMVD – ‘Build Something Else’ [CA]
The Plodes – ‘Denny’s Steak Dinner’ [CA]
Uptights – ‘Edge Of The Earth’ [CA]
Peter Foldy – ‘Face the Music’ [CA]
The River Jordon- ‘No Future No Past’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Hawaii’ [CA]

This week we bring you three more tracks from the George Straight’s ‘highly subjective list of the 50 best-ever songs to spring from Vancouver‘ – a track apiece from punk-era legends Pointed Sticks, The Dishrags and The Enigmas. We introduce Brisbane band Roo and Nanaimo, BC-based space rock outfit Moths and Locusts and debut new tracks from Julie Doiron and past Stranded-interviewees The River Jordon and Peter Foldy!

Podcast #304

April 5, 2017

Featuring The Moles, No Sister, Windigo and more

The Moles – ‘Bury Me Happy’ [AU]
Richard Davies – ‘Cantina’ [AU]
Cosmos – ‘Zeppelin Commander’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘Score’ [AU]
Bitumen – ‘Honey Hunter’ [AU]
Scalper – ‘Trojan Horses’ [NZ]
Century Palm – ‘New Creation’ [CA]
The Courtneys – ‘Silver Velvet’ [CA]
Windigo – ‘Silver Slumbers’ [CA]
COPE – ‘Mother Russia’ [CA]
The Pack A.D – ‘Yes I Know’ [CA]
Heaven For Real – ‘Beyond The Lanes’ [CA]
Tough Customer – ‘Konner’ [CA]

This week we introduce listeners to Australian songwriter Richard Davies who came to prominence in the 90s with his band The Moles, who recorded two LPs, and relocated to New York City. Richard has since embarked on a solo career which has included collaborations with other quality musicians including the great Robert Pollard from Guided By Voices!  You can hear the track ‘Zeppelin Commander’ from the Davies/Pollard project Cosmos on the show.  You can also hear a track a piece from the split cassette between Melbourne bands No Sister and Bitumen, out on Vacant Valley records, and lots of quality new Canadian music, including new two-piece noise-rock outfit COPE, out of Lethbridge, AB.

Podcast #283

September 7, 2016

Featuring an interview with outlaw country singer Joey Only

Sidewinder – ‘Day After Day’ [AU]
Sidewinder – ‘Evil Eye’ [AU]
Sidewinder – Titanic Days’ [AU]
M.Craft – ‘Chemical Trail’ [AU]
Megan Bernard – ‘Follow It Through’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘This Heat’ [AU]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Beer League’ [CA]
Interview with Joey Only
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘No More Trouble In The Peace’ [CA]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Cold Wooden Box’ [CA]

Former Sidewinder bassist Martin Craft has been making music under the name M.Craft for a number of years now. He recently relocated to the US and released an impressive third album named ‘Blood Moon’ from which we air the single ‘Chemical Trail’. Before that we revisit his previous life with three tracks from Sidewinder, a highly regarded indie/power-pop band who formed in Canberra in 1990. The band split 9 years later, leaving a legacy of two outstanding records and many memorable Australian shows.

I’m pleased to finally be able to air an interview with legendary outlaw country singer Joey Only. Joey has played over 2000 shows across Canada, both solo and with various incarnations of the Joey Only Outlaw Band. His previous record ‘Transgression Trail’ earned heavy rotation on campus/community radio across Canada, and his 2016 full length, ‘No More Trouble in the Peace’, is certainly set to do the same. I caught up with Joey recently at the Outlaw Lodge in Wells, BC, where Joey lives with his family.

Podcast #279

August 10, 2016

Featuring an interview with Vancouver band Warless

The Drones – ‘Sharkfin Blues’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘How To See Through Fog’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘To Think That I Once Loved You’ [AU]
Carla Dal Forno – ‘Fast Moving Cars’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘This Heat’ [AU]
Warless – ‘Contemporary Blues’ [CA]
Interview with Warless
Warless – ‘Dream’ [CA]
Interview with Lionel from MoM Festival
Winona Wilde – ‘Don’t Kick A Girl’ [CA]

This week we begin a series of interviews I recorded of performers at the 2016 Arts Wells music festival in Wells, BC! The first interview, with Keith and Rikka of Vancouver band Warless, was actually recorded in Williams Lake, BC where the band was playing a pre-festival warm-up show the week prior. Keith and Rikka were a joy to talk to, as they explain their unschooled creative process which deeply reflects their West Coast roots, and their desire to spread positivity and good-times through their energetic live performances.

And we have a bonus interview this week with Lionel Connet who is one of the chief organisers of the Music On The Mountain (MoM) Festival in Fort St James, in Northern BC. I caught up with Lionel at Arts Wells where he was volunteering and sharing information and contacts with artists and fellow festival organisers. There’s still time to get tickets to this year’s festival which runs from 19-21 August!

Podcast #277

July 27, 2016

Featuring an interview w/singer-songwriter Tanya Gallagher

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Ffunny Ffrends’ [NZ]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘From The Sun’ [NZ]
Chris Knox – ‘Meat’ [NZ]
Larissa Tandy – ‘Harder Heavier’ [AU]
Mick Harvey (feat. Xanthe Waite) – ‘Don’t Say A Thing’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘Overpass’ [AU]
Tanya Gallagher – ‘Planes, Trains and Buses’ [CA]
Tanya Gallagher – ‘Whiskey Hearts’ [CA]
Coolfog – ‘Summer Mix’ [CA]

We kick off the show with the music of a kiwi transplant to the US.  Upon relocating to Portland, Oregon, the known Ruban Nielson released a track to an anonymous bandcamp profile in 2010. To his surprise the song had received comments from blogs and even Pitchfork within a couple of days. He soon after branded himself Unknown Mortal Orchestra and has to this date released three acclaimed albums. We begin with that original home-recorded track, ‘Ffunny Ffrends’.

This week’s special guest, singer-songwriter Tanya Gallagher hails all the way from Pensacola, Florida. I didn’t expect to hear a rich southern accent when I sat down to speak with Tanya recently in Williams Lake, BC. Tanya is currently based in Vancouver. She was first drawn there to record an EP with a recommended producer and stayed to pursue higher education. Tanya speaks of her fascinating story and plays an impressive new original acoustic track ‘Whiskey Hearts’.