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Stranded podcast #152

May 18, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Alex Alegria, director of the Mariachi Festival Canada *

Chris Basarba of Basone Guitars has been filling me in of late about the history of Vancouver punk and hardcore and one of the bands he’s recommended is Sparkmarker.  I tracked down an archived recording of Sparkmarker playing ‘Live At Thunderbird Radio Hell’ on CiTR in 1991 and you can hear the song ‘Courage’ from this session at the top of the show.

This Saturday Vancouver plays host to the Mariarchi Festival Canada.  Alex Alegria, founder  of the festival, phones through today to inform the listeners about the origins of Mariarchi music in Mexico and to tell of his journey from busking as a new immigrant in Vancouver, to leader of Mariachi Los Dorados and hard-working festival director.

Sadly, one of Canada’s most impressive indie bands, The City Streets, is calling it a day, but not before releasing their swan-song LP ‘Pretenders’.  You can hear three tracks from this record on the show today.  MG

The Mark Of Cain – ‘Tell Me’ [AU]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘Contender’ [AU]
Sparkmarker – ‘Courage’ (live) [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘I’m Going To France’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Nardwuar v Mikhael Gorbechev’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Winnipeg 64’ [CA]
Interview with Alex Alegria Pt 1
Mariachi Los Dorados – Guardlajara [CA]
Interview with Alex Alegria Pt 2
Mariachi Los Dorados – ‘La llorona’ [CA]
Mariachi Los Dorados – ‘Espana Cani’ [CA]
The City Streets – ‘One Last Moment Sometimes’ [CA]
The City Streets – ‘White Lies’ [CA]
The City Streets – ‘Pretenders’ [CA]
Ok Vancouver OK – ‘At Home In The Garden’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘Camping’ [CA]
The Mark Of Cain – ‘LMA’  [AU]

Featured video – Mariachi Los Dorados – ‘La Boa’ (live) [2011]

Podcast #145

March 30, 2013

*Featuring an exclusive interview with Joe Keithley of the legendary punk band D.O.A *

Joe Keithley is a familiar voice on the airwaves of CiTR radio and a fixture on stages throughout North America thanks to his three decades of continuous creative output with his band D.O.A.   D.O.A were,  along with Black Flag, trailblazers of the DIY hardcore punk movement.   Through song and direct advocacy, Joe has contributed his energies to countless progressive causes including women’s rights, environmental issues, fair trade not free trade, union rights, anti-racism, anti-war, free speech and First Nations rights.  Today you can hear an exclusive interview with Joe as he reflects on touring Australia and speaks to the issues close to his heart that drove him to seek nomination recently for the NDP in the Coquitlam region.

We’re pleased to introduce to the airwaves Jacqueline Dawn, a Vancouver musician who has penned the delightful track ‘Side line’ and who is currently a regular performer at the Monday night open mike at Mr Brownstone’s on Main Street in Vancouver.

And a special bonus today, a super rare track by Twerbocleb from the Gnat EP (Scratch Records,1992) featuring Narduwar the Human Serviette on guest vocals!

INXS – ‘Burn For You’ [AU]
Bruce Cockburn – ‘Silver Wheels’ (live) [CA]
D.O.A – ‘The Enemy’ [CA]
D.O.A – ‘World War 3 ‘  [CA]
Interview with Joe Keithley Pt 1
D.O.A – ‘Rebel Kind’  [CA]
D.O.A – ‘I Live In A Car’  [CA]
Interview with Joe Keithley Pt 2
D.O.A – ‘We Occupy’  [CA]
D.O.A –  ‘General Strike (acoustic)’  [CA]
Hole In My Head – ‘Get Out’ [CA]
Hole In My Head -‘ Social Obligation’ [CA]
Jacqueline Dawn – ‘Side line'[CA]
John Pippus – ‘Howl At The Moon’ [CA]
Twerdocleb – ‘Saint Francis in the Wood’ (feat. Nardwuar) [CA]
PVT -‘ Homosapien’ [AU]

Featured video – D.O.A – ‘Rebel Kind’ (2010)

Stranded podcast #116

June 15, 2012

*Featuring more tracks from the ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons and interviews with Kim Churchill and Gumby from Benjalu, recorded backstage at Fortune Sound Club *

We start this evening’s show with some more tracks from the just-released ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons on Sydney’s seminal Citadel Records.   We’re going right back to the mid-80s when The Hard-Ons were first making waves for their infectiously catchy songs played at ear-splitting volume to punters in Sydney (and soon beyond).

Kim Churchill is back for an extensive Canadian tour and I caught up with this amazingly talented guitarist and young solo singer/songwriter, backstage at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver.  Kim recorded a limited edition EP of tracks in an attic in Montreal on his last tour and I feature a couple of tracks from this special release (including the beautiful number ‘Sarah’ that he played here in Vancouver at the memorial for the late Todd Simko).

Supporting Kim on his tour is Gumby from the band Benjalu, playing solo.  I also recorded an interview with Gumby back stage at the gig.  MG

The Hard-Ons – ‘Lollipop’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Buddies’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Squathouse’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Love Song For Cindy’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘School Days’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Fifteen’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – Keish’s New Song’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 1
Kim Churchill – ‘Sarah’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 2
Kim Churchill – ‘Shields’ [AU]
Benjalu – ‘Another Way’ [AU]
Interview with Gumby from Benjalu
Benjalu – ‘By The Ocean’ [AU]
The Evaporators – ‘I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Hotdog High’ [CA]
The Beladeans – ‘I Want It Now’ [CA]
The Beladeans – Broke Down and Dusted’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Time To Go’ [CA]

Featured video:  Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ (2012)