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Podcast #284

September 14, 2016

Featuring part 2 of an interview w/outlaw country singer Joey Only

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Come Into My Sleep’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Nature Boy’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Jesus Alone’ [AU]
Liz Stringer – ‘Anyone’ [AU]
Megan Bernard – ‘Right In Front Of Your Eyes’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Don’t You Fly’ [AU]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘North of Number Seven’ [CA]
Interview with Joey Only
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Walker Rock’ [CA]
Chris Strickland – ‘Mammoth Husbandry’ [CA]

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are back with their 16th full length titled Skeleton Tree. Early reviews indicate this is one of Nick Cave’s most powerful and emotionally resonate statements to date. The band were already ensconced in the studio when the tragic news broke of the death of Nick’s son following a falling accident.  Thus, the resultant record is infused with an unexpected poignancy. We start the show with two older Nick Cave tracks before airing the stark ‘Jesus Alone’ from Skeleton Tree.

In the second part of the show we feature new tracks from Aussie acts Liz Stringer, Megan Bernard and rockin’ Melbourne-based two-piece This Way North. We air part two of our interview with BC-based outlaw country singer Joey Only and finish up with a fascinating ambient/experimental piece by Montreal’s Chris Strickland, from his Animal Expert record.

Podcast #283

September 7, 2016

Featuring an interview with outlaw country singer Joey Only

Sidewinder – ‘Day After Day’ [AU]
Sidewinder – ‘Evil Eye’ [AU]
Sidewinder – Titanic Days’ [AU]
M.Craft – ‘Chemical Trail’ [AU]
Megan Bernard – ‘Follow It Through’ [AU]
No Sister – ‘This Heat’ [AU]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Beer League’ [CA]
Interview with Joey Only
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘No More Trouble In The Peace’ [CA]
The Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Cold Wooden Box’ [CA]

Former Sidewinder bassist Martin Craft has been making music under the name M.Craft for a number of years now. He recently relocated to the US and released an impressive third album named ‘Blood Moon’ from which we air the single ‘Chemical Trail’. Before that we revisit his previous life with three tracks from Sidewinder, a highly regarded indie/power-pop band who formed in Canberra in 1990. The band split 9 years later, leaving a legacy of two outstanding records and many memorable Australian shows.

I’m pleased to finally be able to air an interview with legendary outlaw country singer Joey Only. Joey has played over 2000 shows across Canada, both solo and with various incarnations of the Joey Only Outlaw Band. His previous record ‘Transgression Trail’ earned heavy rotation on campus/community radio across Canada, and his 2016 full length, ‘No More Trouble in the Peace’, is certainly set to do the same. I caught up with Joey recently at the Outlaw Lodge in Wells, BC, where Joey lives with his family.

Stranded podcast #112

May 19, 2012

* Including a feature on Kiwi band Shihad *

Shihad are certainly the most significant alternative rock band to emerge from New Zealand.  With over 1500 shows under their belt, 8 world-class full length releases and multiple accolades in their home country, it’s still a wonder why the rest of the world hasn’t caught onto the excitement they’ve been generating, on stage and off, in the Southern Hemisphere for over 20yrs.  I have vivid memories of witnessing the band play some blistering live shows in small clubs in Australia.

Remarkably, I discovered a copy Shihad’s original vinyl release ‘Devolve’ in the CiTR library.  Only 1000 of these were released in 1990 and I can’t imagine there are many laying about in Canada.  So today I play a track from that punishing metal release (which brought the band early attention from and shows supporting Faith No More and Anthrax).  I then play some highlights from some of Shihad’s earlier releases, up to the ‘Pacifier’ album which was recorded for the band’s bittersweet attempt to capture the admiration of audiences in the US.   MG

Shihad – ‘It’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Bitter’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Deb’s Night Out’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Home Again’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Interconnector’ [NZ]
Shihad – ‘Pacifier’ [NZ]
Pacifier – ‘Everything’ [NZ]
Megan Bernard – ‘Big Dreams’ [AU]
Cub Scouts – ‘Do You Hear’ [AU]
The Bamboos (feat. Tim Rogers) – ‘I Got Burned’ [AU]
Chains Of Love – ‘He’s Leaving (with me)’ [CA]
Chains Of Love – ‘I’d Rather Be Crying’ [CA]
Carlie and Julie Kennedy – ‘Already Miss You’ [CA]
David Blaire – ‘Hurts So Hard’ [CA]

Featured video: Shihad – ‘Deb’s Night Out’ (live) [1998]