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Stranded podcast #199

May 21, 2014

* Interview with Ma Petite and To Stowaway LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Today is a fine example of why this radio show exists – two special musical guests who have come all the way across the oceans from Australia! And that’s especially true for Matthew of Melbourne-based project To Stowaway, who has recently embarked in the Pacific North West following a weeks-long journey by boat from Sydney. Matthew speaks of his experiences road-tripping through the USA and plays us a tune live in the studio that he wrote for his partner and that references the city of Portland, OR.

But first up we hear from Indiana Avent aka Ma Petite, another resident of Melbourne, who is about to kick-off the release of her debut album and first ever Canadian tour. Indiana previously spent a few years living in Vancouver. She recorded her record here in her much-loved second home, through an inspired and lengthy process involving multiple studios and contributions from friends.

Featured video: Ma Petite – ‘Lonesome’ [2013]

Stranded podcast #198

May 10, 2014

* Interview with Charalee Graydon, author of The Judgement Game’ *

We kick-off the show today with tracks by The Chills and The Verlaines, from the classic ‘Dunnedin Double‘ EP, the original double LP lo-fi recording that put the Flying Nun [NZ] record label on the map, way back in 1982.  The fresh sounds of four bands with no prior recording experience, were captured by Chris Knox, using a simple 4 track recorder, in modest spaces like lounge-rooms. The recording was out of print for many years before returning to shelves in a limited run for Record Store Day 2014.

We conclude the show with a thought-provoking departure from our usual programming.  Author Charalee Graydon joins us to discuss her debut book The Judgement Game, before the book’s official launch at Chapters in Victoria next Monday.  Charalee has a professional background in the practice of criminal law and academia.  She has created an interactive book with fictional scenarios, which ask for the reader’s ideas about offences committed by the protagonists and suggestions as to punishment imposed on offenders.

Featured video: The Chills – Kaleidoscope World (1982)

Stranded podcast #128

September 29, 2012

* Featuring the classic 1993 ‘Coprolalia’ EP from You Am I, the debut single from Vancouver-based Melbourne ex-pat Ma Petite and an interview with Vancouver (via Korea) indie electro rock band We Need Surgery *

The 1993 EP ‘Coprolalia’ EP from You Am I is a fine time capsule of an emerging rock band powered by the steadfast self-belief and song-writing smarts of Tim Rogers. Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth was taken to the band and offered to master this powerful release and then produce the classic follow-up full-length ‘Hi Fi Way’.

Vancouver-based folk songstress Indiana Avent (Ma Petite) relocated from Melbourne to Canada to record her first solo album, after a decade already in the music industry, primarily as a violinist for acts including Dan Mangan and Gotye. Her debut single ‘Man About Moon’ is launched tonight at the Media Club  and you can hear this fine tune on the show!

This week I had a chance to connect with Brandon and Valentino, drummer and guitarist respectively, of We Need Surgery, a highly-danceble and cutting-edge indie electro rock band that formed in 2007 as a collective of ex-pat English teacher musicians in South Korea. On today’s interview you can hear the fascinating story behind the band’s movements between Korea, Japan and now Vancouver, their new home, where they’ve been the subject of a bidding war between labels to release their self-titled debut.

You Am I – ‘Cool Hand Luke’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Last Thing You Can Depend On’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Can’t Get Started’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘In Case You’re Wondering’ [AU]
You Am I – ‘Embarrassed’ [AU]
Ma Petite – ‘Man About Moon’ [AU]
Mammoth, Mammoth – ‘Hell’s Likely’ [AU]
Tame Impala – ‘Elephant’ [AU]
Dirty Three – ‘Rising Below’ [AU]
We Need Surgery – ‘Simon Says’ [CA]
Interview with We Need Surgery Pt 1
We Need Surgery – ‘Cocoon’ [CA]
Interview with We Need Surgery Pt II
We Need Surgery – Go! Go! Go! [CA]
Interview with We Need Surgery Pt III
Good For Grapes – ‘Skipping Stone’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘I Can’t Keep All Our Secrets’ [CA]

Featured video – We Need Surgery -‘Go! Go! Go!’ [2012]