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Podcast #284

September 14, 2016

Featuring part 2 of an interview w/outlaw country singer Joey Only

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Come Into My Sleep’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Nature Boy’ [AU]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – ‘Jesus Alone’ [AU]
Liz Stringer – ‘Anyone’ [AU]
Megan Bernard – ‘Right In Front Of Your Eyes’ [AU]
This Way North – ‘Don’t You Fly’ [AU]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘North of Number Seven’ [CA]
Interview with Joey Only
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Walker Rock’ [CA]
Chris Strickland – ‘Mammoth Husbandry’ [CA]

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are back with their 16th full length titled Skeleton Tree. Early reviews indicate this is one of Nick Cave’s most powerful and emotionally resonate statements to date. The band were already ensconced in the studio when the tragic news broke of the death of Nick’s son following a falling accident.  Thus, the resultant record is infused with an unexpected poignancy. We start the show with two older Nick Cave tracks before airing the stark ‘Jesus Alone’ from Skeleton Tree.

In the second part of the show we feature new tracks from Aussie acts Liz Stringer, Megan Bernard and rockin’ Melbourne-based two-piece This Way North. We air part two of our interview with BC-based outlaw country singer Joey Only and finish up with a fascinating ambient/experimental piece by Montreal’s Chris Strickland, from his Animal Expert record.

Stranded podcast #259

August 11, 2015
  • Singer-songwriter Liz Stringer LIVE in the CiTR studio *

Occasionally a bona-fide Australian touring musician makes his or her way to Vancouver and even as far as CiTR radio for an interview and live session on Stranded! This week I jumped at the chance to meet one of Australia’s most respect singer-songwriters – the legendary Liz Stringer from Melbourne. Vancouver is the first stop on Liz’s inaugural Canadian tour. Listeners are in for a real treat as Liz shares three flawlessly written and soulfully performed acoustic songs. She also fills us in on the joys of her recent recording session in Portland, OR and speaks of her life in Melbourne, including her supportive musical connection with Mick Thomas of Weddings Parties Anything.

Featured video: Liz Stringer – ‘High Open Hills’ (live) [2013]

Stranded podcast #122

August 11, 2012

* Featuring a retrospective on Cold Chisel *

Cold Chisel are a bluesy hard-rock band from Adelaide, South Australia, who became hugely popular in Australia and New Zealand in the late 7os and 80s.  Fronted by the hard-drinking Scotsman Jimmy Barnes and blessed with the intelligent songwriting of keyboardist Don Walker, Cold Chisel managed to tap into the sound and lyrical message that Australian working class audiences were hungry for during this period in time.  Today I feature 6 tracks from the band’s classic period, including the timeless ‘Khe Sanh’ which is a moving and anthemic tune about a solider’s experience during the Vietnam War. 

For band new Australian music this week you can hear a song apiece from roots musicians  ‘The Stetson Family’ and the fabulous soul-rock singer Liz Stringer, as well as a live track from John Butler.

Also on today’s show I re-visit Australian blues guitarist Michael Charles, who has been based in Chicago for the past decade or so.  Michael is passionate about honoring the legendary blues artists of the past and he is currently recording a series of single releases called ‘Under The Covers’ where he covers songs that have inspired his own blues journey. Today you can hear ‘Going Down’, originally by Don Nix and b-side, a live version of ‘The Sky Is Crying’ by Elmore James.

And we wrap up the show with tracks from the latest releases by Vancouver bands Apollo Ghosts and Japandroids.  MG

Cold Chisel – ‘Standing On The Outside Looking In’ [AU]
Cold Chisel – ‘Choir Girl’ [AU]
Cold Chisel – ‘Cheap Wine’ [AU]
Cold Chisel – ‘You Got Nothing I Want’ [AU]
Cold Chisel – ‘Flame Trees’ [AU]
Cold Chisel – ‘Khe Sanh’ [AU]
The Stetson Family – ‘Fools Gold’ [AU]
Liz Stringer – ‘In Anybody’s Language'[AU]
John Butler Trio – ‘Mystery Man’ (live) [AU]
Michael Charles – ‘Going Down’ [AU]
Michael Charles – ‘The Sky Is Crying (live) [AU]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Landmark’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – Weekend Fantasy’ [CA]
Japandroids – ‘Adrenaline Nights’ [CA]
Japandroids – ‘Younger Us’ [CA]

Featured video – Cold Chisel – ‘Khe Sanh’ (1978)