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Stranded podcast #250

June 4, 2015

* Interview with JuliaWhy? and live set from Lindsay Kupser *

A big show this week with two interviews. First up is two thirds of Sydney band JuliaWhy? who are undertaking a brief Canadian tour in support of their melodic and riff-filled debut record ‘Wheel’. It’s an impressive achievement for the band, fronted by bassist/singer Julia Wylie to make it to North America and to showcase at CMW, being just a couple of years in their existence. Hear Julia and drummer Peter talk about the origins of the band and their adventures in Canada!

We devote the last half hour of the show to the music of singer-songwriter Lindsay Kupser, formerly of Calgary, AB, and now based in Vancouver. Lindsay, a new voice in town, enthusiastically speaks of her years studying music in Boston and gigging in New York City, and plays three delicate acoustic tracks live in the studio!

Featured video: JuliaWhy? – ‘Turntable’ (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #246

May 2, 2015

* Featuring D.O.A *

Given it’s May Day today, it’s fitting to return to the music of D.O.A. Joe Keithley formed this politically aware and now long-running hard-core band in 1978. And as you will hear from the two tracks we play from their recent live album ‘Welcome To Chinatown’, the current version of the band is as blistering as ever. The years have also not diminished the power of Keithley’s progressive lyrical attack. Keep an ear out for more new music from D.O.A before the year is out.

And it’s New Zealand Music Month!  So we kick off the celebrations with two new tracks apiece from established Kiwi bands Scalper and Shihad, and introduce listeners to quality new AAA Records signing Radioglo.

Featured video: Scalper – ‘Lunatics’ [2015]