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Stranded podcast #137

January 5, 2013
* Featuring tracks from the ‘To the Death 84’ release by Canadian metal band Voivod  *

Voivod are a unique force in the world of heavy music. Forming in Northern Quebec in 1982, the band immediately discovered a dissonant hybrid speed metal/punk sound that formed the template for their extreme and demented sound for the next three decades.  On today’s show you can hear two tracks from the original demo recording by Voivod which has long circulated in bootleg form before finally being issued on vinyl last year by the Alternative Tentacles label (also available through Vancouver distro Moloch Records).  They’ve since record 13 albums that have incorporated thrash and progressive metal elements, and gone on to tour the world (I recall seeing them play second to last at a metal festival in Australia once).  The track ‘Mechanical Mind’ is a taster of their forthcoming latest album release.

And welcome to 2013!  On the show today I re-visit a couple of Australian artists’ releases from last year that I most admired – the powerhouse acoustic talent of young roots musician Kim Churchill who I had the good fortune to interview last year, and Pond from Perth, WA who were featured at last year’s SWSW Festival.  And rounding out the show are two tracks from the new A.C Newman release and some recent tunes from Vancouver indie artists featured on the Safe Amp Society compilation of 2012.

Voivod – ‘Voivod’ [CA]
Voivod – ‘War and Pain’ [CA]
Dave Grohl speaking about Voivod
Voivod – ‘Mechanical Mind’ [CA]
Bison BC – ‘An Old Friend’ [CA]
Pond – ‘Moth Wings’ [AU]
Pond – ‘Eye Pattern Blindness’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Sarah’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ [AU]
AC Newman – ‘Im Not Talking’ [CA]
AC Newman – ‘Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Born In Ontario’ [CA]
Aunts and Uncles – ‘Fictional’ [CA]
Collapsing Opposites – ‘Non-profit volunteer band’ [CA]
Japandroids – ‘Continuous Thunder’ [CA]

Featured video – Voivod – ‘Voivod’ (1984)

Stranded podcast #116

June 15, 2012

*Featuring more tracks from the ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons and interviews with Kim Churchill and Gumby from Benjalu, recorded backstage at Fortune Sound Club *

We start this evening’s show with some more tracks from the just-released ‘Smell My Finger’ re-issue by The Hard-Ons on Sydney’s seminal Citadel Records.   We’re going right back to the mid-80s when The Hard-Ons were first making waves for their infectiously catchy songs played at ear-splitting volume to punters in Sydney (and soon beyond).

Kim Churchill is back for an extensive Canadian tour and I caught up with this amazingly talented guitarist and young solo singer/songwriter, backstage at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver.  Kim recorded a limited edition EP of tracks in an attic in Montreal on his last tour and I feature a couple of tracks from this special release (including the beautiful number ‘Sarah’ that he played here in Vancouver at the memorial for the late Todd Simko).

Supporting Kim on his tour is Gumby from the band Benjalu, playing solo.  I also recorded an interview with Gumby back stage at the gig.  MG

The Hard-Ons – ‘Lollipop’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Buddies’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Squathouse’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Love Song For Cindy’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘School Days’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – ‘Fifteen’ [AU]
The Hard-Ons – Keish’s New Song’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 1
Kim Churchill – ‘Sarah’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 2
Kim Churchill – ‘Shields’ [AU]
Benjalu – ‘Another Way’ [AU]
Interview with Gumby from Benjalu
Benjalu – ‘By The Ocean’ [AU]
The Evaporators – ‘I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)’ [CA]
The Evaporators – ‘Hotdog High’ [CA]
The Beladeans – ‘I Want It Now’ [CA]
The Beladeans – Broke Down and Dusted’ [CA]
Black Sugar – ‘Time To Go’ [CA]

Featured video:  Kim Churchill – ‘Season’s Grind’ (2012)

Stranded playlist 14 March 2011

March 14, 2011

Painters and Dockers – ‘Die Yuppie Die’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘Fat Cop’ [AU]
Groover Von Kruger – ‘Nazi On A Bike’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Roads That Run’ [AU]
The Jezabels – ‘Mace Spray’ [AU]
Sampology – ‘Transatlantic Skankin’ Remix’ [AU]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘The Ghetto Birdz’ [CA]
Joey Only Outlaw Band – ‘Greyhound Guitar Man’ [CA]
Rootsystem – ‘Revolution’ [AU/CA]
Rootsystem – ‘These Days’ [AU/CA]
Warless – ‘Island Girls’ [CA]

Featured video: Painters and Dockers – ‘Die Yuppie Die’ (1988)

Stranded playlist 28 Feb 2011

February 28, 2011

*Featuring an exclusive interview with Kim Churchill, recorded backstage at the Media Club, Vancouver, BC*

The Falling Joys – ‘Lock It’ [AU]
The Clouds – ‘Bower Of Bliss’ [AU]
Penny Flanagan – ‘Lap It Up’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Turns To Stone’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 1
Kim Churchill – ‘Truest Intentions’ [AU]
Interview with Kim Churchill Pt 2
Kim Churchill – ‘With Sword and Shield’ [AU]
San Cisco – ‘Solitude Is Bliss’ [AU]
Women – ‘Venice Lockjaw’ [CA]
The Salteens – ‘Sunnyside Street’ [CA]
Sloan – ‘Take It Upon Yourself’ [CA]
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul history (I was born blind) [AU]

Featured video: Kim Churchill – ‘Truest Intentions’ (2010)

Stranded playlist 21 feb 2011

February 21, 2011

*Featuring live telephone interview with Australian, Chicago-based, blues guitarist Michael Charles, in anticipation of his 25 Feb date in Vancouver*

Neil Young – ‘Hitch hiker’ [CA]
The Provincial Archive – ‘Weight and Sea’ [CA]
The British Columbians – ‘Broke and Busted’ (live) [CA]
John Butler Trio – ‘Betterman’ [AU]
Rootsystem – ‘I Hope Your Smiling’ [CA/AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Turns To Stone’ [AU]
Michael Charles – ‘Hey babe’ [AU]
Michael Charles – ‘Another Time [AU]
AC/DC – ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ [AU]
Live telephone interview with Michael Charles
Michael Charles – ‘Lonely Stranger’ [AU]
Beasts Of Bourbon – ‘Drop-Out’ [AU]

Featured video: Michael Charles – ‘Long Way To Go’ (live) [2006]