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Stranded podcast #186

February 8, 2014

* Featuring an interview with Australian blues musician Ash Grunwald *

Last week we interviewed the brooding Zeb Piggot-Duggan, a new voice of the singer-songwriter scene of Vancouver. You can hear an original recording of his music today, along with a track by legendary local songwriter David Roy Parsons, and a song by myself!  We’re all playing this evening at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir Street in Vancouver.

We last spoke to today’s special guest, Ash Grunwald, last August, when he was preparing for a Canadian tour.  Today Ash calls through from the stunningly beautiful surfing and wine region of Margaret River in Western Australia.  Ash has just taken a rare chunk of time off the road to practice and write, and while he is croaky-voiced from a gig the night before, he speaks enthusiastically about preparations from his upcoming return to Canada.   He also takes the time to demonstrate his passion for raising awareness of the dangers of the industrial process of ‘fracking’, of which he wrote the song ‘The Last Stand’ on his Gargantua LP.

Featured video:  Ash Grunwald – ‘The Last Stand’ (live) [2013]

Podcast #175

October 26, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Vancouver-based free-jazz electronica act coolfog *

Today’s show is a great reminder for local musicians to get in touch with us, because not only can have your tunes aired on the show, but you can even come into the studio for an interview!  That’s what Michael Raphael did recently with his free-jazz electronica project coolfog.

Michael introduces us to the world of synth-based home recordings.  He spins some of his highly inventive tunes for us, as well as some of his favourite tracks from local electronic acts, and a throwback to 1980s Canadian pop act Chalk Circle.

Propeller – ‘1 Untitled’ [CA]
Propeller – ‘2 Untitled’ [CA]
Interview with Coolfog Pt 1
Coolfog –  ‘Bad Memory’  [CA]
Interview with Coolfog Pt 2
Coolfog –  ‘Silver Orge’  [CA]
Coolfog –  ‘Oragity3’  [CA]
Interview with Coolfog Pt 3
Coolfog – ‘Functified’ [CA]
Coolfog – ‘Dimoto’ [CA]
Interview with Coofog Pt 4
Mythos – ‘Purity Icarus’ [CA]
Delirium – ‘Flowers Become Screens’ [CA]
Chalk Circle – ‘Me, Myself and I’ [CA]
Itch-E & Scratch-E – ‘Sweetness and Light’ [AU]
Sleepy Wolf – ‘Conjure’ [NZ]
Sleepy Dreamers – ‘Bike Song’ [AU]
Kill City Kids – ‘The Super Food Adventure Dinner Club’  [CA]
Fantasy Prom – ‘Lost In Echo Park’ [CA]
Demian – ‘Sickness’ [CA]
Drawn Ship – ‘The Blame’ [CA]

Featured video:  Delirium – ‘Flowers Become Screens’ (2008)

Podcast #174

October 18, 2013

* Featuring an interview with Jordan Bober, organizer of this week’s ‘Living the New Economy’ summit in Vancouver, BC *

We have something different on the show today.  Our special guest is Jordan Bober, who is a leading figure in Vancouver’s progressive communities who are organizing for more sustainable ways of living and co-creating.  Jordan is the director at large of the Vancouver Green Party, and co-initator of the Seedstock Community Currency.

Today he phones through to speak about this week’s cutting edge event called Living the New Economy, a 6-day confluence of events, people and ideas to explore, understand, remember and catalyze the deeply interconnected nature of our world.  Folks still have time to get down to Granville Island this weekend and take part in some innovative workshops which will open their eyes to real alternatives to our current unbalanced and unfair economic system.  Listen in to be inspired!

The Church – ‘Grind’ [AU]
Tall Dwarfs – ‘Rorshach’ [NZ]
Matt Langley – ‘Love and Money’ [NZ]
Courtney Barnett – ‘Scotty Says’ [AU]
The Paper Kites – ‘Living Colour’ [AU]
Interview with Jordan Borber Pt 1
Buckman Coe – ‘Love For All Living Things’ [CA]
Interview with Jordan Borber Pt 2
Kill City Kids – ‘The Ballad’ [CA]
Cool Fog – ‘Wavebeats’ [CA]

Featured video: Buckman Coe –  ‘Love For All Living Things’ (2012)

Podcast #173

October 11, 2013

* Featuring Pt II of an interview with kiwi musician TeMatera Smith of Symphony of Screams *

This week we again feature some quality music from New Zealand, including that hotbed of musical creativity, the city of Dunedin, which gave birth to the legendary Flying Nun label. First up is noise/pop act Die! Die! Die! going back to their 2007 release Promises, Promises. This is followed by two tracks from the seminal 1990 record, Submarine Bells, by The Chills.

We’re featuring Kiwi tunes again because it’s time to play Pt II of our interview with Matt ‘TeMatera’ Smith, lead singer of Symphony Of Screams and proprietor of AAA Records, out of the North Island. Matt speaks passionately about the importance of preserving Maori music and culture, and speaks about the work of his label.

We wrap up the show with two of the acts who are competing for Round 5 of CiTR’s Shindig this coming Tuesday – Kill City Kids and Pineapple! Also on the bill is a newcomer named M.Lund. Now who might that be…:)

Die! Die! Die! – ‘Blinding’ [NZ]
Die! Die! Die –  ‘Britomart Sunset’ [NZ]
Die! Die! Die!  – ‘Promises, Promises [NZ]
The Chills – ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’ [NZ]
The Chills – ‘I SOAR’ [NZ]
Kara Gordon and the Wreckage – ‘The Judge’ [NZ]
Interview with TeMatera Smith Pt 1
Thomas Coffey and the Grinders – ‘So Hot Right Now’ [NZ]
Interview with TeMatera Smith Pt 2
Symphony of Screams – ‘Hand Of Power’ [NZ]
Kill City Kids – ‘That’s It You’re Dead’ [CA]
Pineapple – ‘Wahow’ [CA]

Featured video: Kara Gordon and the Wreckage – ”The Judge’ (2012)