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Podcast #324

February 3, 2018

Featuring Waterford, Caiti Baker, Kellarissa and more

78-Saab – ‘One Of These Days’ [AU]
Sidewinder – ‘Not Coming Home’ [AU]
East Row Rabble – ‘Aliens In My Brain’ [AU]
Waterford – ‘Charades’ [AU]
Pink Tea – ‘smoko’ [AU]
Caiti Baker – ‘Rough Old Town’ [AU]
Fletcher Gull – ‘Light Up’ [AU]
Kellarissa – ‘Ocean Electric’ [CA]
Chris-a-Riffic – ‘Fresh Bruise’ [CA]
Theresa Michelle Mohr – ‘Fox Tracks’ [CA]
The Alkemist – ‘The Moment’ [CA]

This week we debut new tracks from two Canberra bands – the single ‘Aliens in my Brain’ by funk/ska/blues/soul Canberra band East Row Rabble, featuring Ben Drysdale (we interviewed Ben way back in 2010 when he was visiting Vancouver!) and ‘Charades’ by long-running quality indie band Waterford. We also introduce listeners to Northern Territory-based r&b/soul artist Caiti Baker, Toronto-based Australian ex-pat Fletcher Gull and Theresa Michelle Mohr of northern BC.

Stranded playlist 16 September 2011

September 17, 2011

* Featuring Part 1 of the show’s three part special on The Church, and Sara Lapsley’s telephone interview with Steve Kilbey*

Synthcake – ‘Musicophilia’ [CA]
Kellarrisa – ‘Passages’ [CA]
Kathryn Calder – ‘Slip Away’ [CA]
Rootsystem – ‘These Days’ [CA]
Buckman Coe – ‘Not So Farfetched’ [CA]
The Church – ‘Pangea’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Lousiana’ [AU]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 1
Steve Kilbey – Song of Solomon’ [AU]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 2
David Neil, Steve Kilbey & Ricky Maymi – ‘Looking For Myself’ [AU]
David Neil, Steve Kilbey & Ricky Maymi – ‘Hollywood Ending’ [AU]
Interview with Steve Kilbey Pt 3
The Church – ‘Day 5’ [AU]

Featured video:  The Church – ‘Pangea’ (live) [2011]