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Stranded podcast #250

June 4, 2015

* Interview with JuliaWhy? and live set from Lindsay Kupser *

A big show this week with two interviews. First up is two thirds of Sydney band JuliaWhy? who are undertaking a brief Canadian tour in support of their melodic and riff-filled debut record ‘Wheel’. It’s an impressive achievement for the band, fronted by bassist/singer Julia Wylie to make it to North America and to showcase at CMW, being just a couple of years in their existence. Hear Julia and drummer Peter talk about the origins of the band and their adventures in Canada!

We devote the last half hour of the show to the music of singer-songwriter Lindsay Kupser, formerly of Calgary, AB, and now based in Vancouver. Lindsay, a new voice in town, enthusiastically speaks of her years studying music in Boston and gigging in New York City, and plays three delicate acoustic tracks live in the studio!

Featured video: JuliaWhy? – ‘Turntable’ (live) [2014]

Stranded podcast #249

May 24, 2015

* Acoustic musician Tom West LIVE in the CiTR studio *

This week marked the end of the very long running ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. One of the regular features that made the show so appealing was the regular world class musical acts that played. About a dozen Australian acts were fortunate enough to perform on the show over the years and we kick off the show this week with recordings of three of the featured acts – INXS, Midnight Oil and The Vines!

Our musical guest this week is Adelaide-based acoustic musician Tom West! Only a year ago Tom made the courageous decision to leave a career as a lawyer to pursue his music full-time and this has led to his first mini show-case tour of some key Canadian cities. Tune in to hear three wonderful acoustic tracks and Tom chatting about his songwriting process.

Featured video: Tom West – ‘Easy Love’ [2015]

Stranded podcast #248

May 16, 2015

* Interview with Saskatoon-based artist Dumb Angel *

Today’s special guest, Shaun Mason – aka Dumb Angel – calls all the way from Saskatoon, Sk! Dumb Angel plays atmospheric, layered music that is self-described as ‘spacey, melodic and confessional’ (Videos and Venues blog).  Shaun speaks of the Prairie origins and initial Beach-Boys inspiration of his project, as well as his time in Montreal where he first connected with Matt and Rick from The Eternal Husbands.  You can hear tracks from the brand new Dumb Angel record called ‘Broken Glass’ (out now on Clamour Records), as well as Shaun’s recommendations of other great Saskatoon bands.

Featured video: The Deep Dark Woods – ‘Sugar Mama’ (live) [2011]