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Podcast #423

December 5, 2020

Featuring Bill Tolson, Jillian Lake, Tumbleweed and more

The Stems – ‘At First Sight’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘Buds’ [AU]
The Stems – ‘At First Sight’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Shadowland’ (single) [AU]
Leonie Kingdom – ‘2020’ (single) [AU]
Bill Tolson – ‘Golden Rule’ [AU]
Jillian Lake – ‘Walk All Over You’ [CA]
Jenny Banai – ‘Shadow Thoughts’ [CA]
Leah Barley – ‘Mountains’ [CA]
Terry Uyarak – ‘Aniqsaatuinnarit’ [CA]
B.U.D – ‘What’s The Point Of This? (If I’m Not Into It)’ [CA]
Born On A Wednesday – ‘Dock Of The French’ [CA]
Snout – ‘Cromagnonman’ [AU]

Wollongong-based stoner rock legends Tumbleweed are finally back! After noting the realities of the current music market, weighted toward streaming, the band have chosen to forsake a traditional album format and release a series of singles instead. We air the first of these this week before our weekly mix of new Australian and Canadian music including tracks from Vancouver’s Jillian Lake, Jenny Banai and Leah Barley.

Podcast #400

April 25, 2020

Featuring Jillian Lake, Elf Pity, Kim Barlow and more

Young Modern – ‘Automatic’ [AU]
The Zimmermen – ‘Don’t Go To Sydney’ [AU]
John Dowler – ‘Golden Days’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Babies Bite Back (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘Choose Bad Smack (live)’ [AU]
TISM – ‘The Mystery of the Artist Explained (live)’ [AU]
Pharis & Jason Romero – ‘Hometown Blues’ [CA]
Rich Aucoin – ‘How It Breaks’ [CA]
Wares – ‘Living Proof’ [CA]
Elf Pity – ‘Fisher’ [CA]
Jillian Lake – ‘Bleed Baby Bleed’ [CA]
Minimus Rex – ‘The Strangest of Ways’ [CA]
Phuture Memoriez – ‘Nrg or Nrj’ [CA]
Kim Barlow – ‘String Bean’ [CA]

After some classic Aussie power pop from John Dowler‘s bands Young Modern and The Zimmermen, we have a real treat this week with tracks from a surprise archival release from the legendary anarchic alternative rock band TISM – ‘Live At The Corner Hotel 30 May 1988’. In the Canadian half of the show you can hear the latest single from Pharis & Jason Romero from Horsefly BC, and a track by Minimus Rex which is his reflection on his Covid-19 isolation.