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Stranded podcast #262

August 29, 2015
  • Featuring an interview with indie-folk act Ocean Leaves *

This is another week where our special guest has a connection to both Australia and Canada.  Timothy Poitras is a Canadian national who married an Australian and settled in the Blue Mountains region in NSW.  Listeners may recall we interviewed Timothy in 2013 when he had released his first EP under the name Ocean Leaves.  Timothy has since relocated to Brisbane, where he has fleshed out the Ocean Leaves sound with a full band, and together they have recorded the ‘Winter Heart’ EP.  According to the band’s press release ‘the first single, Yellowknife, is a lush, spooky ballad about longing and the darkness it can create inside you.’  You can hear that impressive track on the show today as well as Timothy speaking enthusiastically about this new collaborative phase of his musical life.

Featured video: Ocean Leaves – ‘Skin’ (live) [2014]

Stranded playlist 09 Sept 2011

September 10, 2011

* Featuring the 2005 classic ‘Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of your Enemies Will Float By’ by The Drones.

The Drones – ‘Shark Fin Blues’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘Baby’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘The Best You Can Believe In’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘Locust’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘You Really Don’t Care’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed Cryin’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘The Freedom In The Loo’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘Another Rousing Chorus You Idiots!!!!’ [AU]
The Drones – ‘This Time’ [AU]
Ron Sexsmith – ‘The reason why’ [CA]
Destroyer – ‘ Blue Eyes’ [CA]
Jenn Grant – ‘Oh my heart’ [CA]
Joel Plaskett – ‘On the rail’ [CA]
Matthew Barber – ‘Keep it alive’ [CA]

Featured video: The Drones – ‘SharkFin Blues’ (live)