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Stranded podcast #249

May 24, 2015

* Acoustic musician Tom West LIVE in the CiTR studio *

This week marked the end of the very long running ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. One of the regular features that made the show so appealing was the regular world class musical acts that played. About a dozen Australian acts were fortunate enough to perform on the show over the years and we kick off the show this week with recordings of three of the featured acts – INXS, Midnight Oil and The Vines!

Our musical guest this week is Adelaide-based acoustic musician Tom West! Only a year ago Tom made the courageous decision to leave a career as a lawyer to pursue his music full-time and this has led to his first mini show-case tour of some key Canadian cities. Tune in to hear three wonderful acoustic tracks and Tom chatting about his songwriting process.

Featured video: Tom West – ‘Easy Love’ [2015]

Stranded podcast #247

May 11, 2015

* Interview with professional magician Merlin Cosmos *

This week are joined by a special guest who i never would have expected to even meet, let alone interview – professional magician Merlin Cosmos!  Merlin came up to chat with me when I was postering for this month’s 10 May ‘Stranded Sunday Session #8 at the Railway Club.  When I discovered what he did for a living I immediately asked if he was interested in performing before the musicians and he said yes!  Merlin speaks today of how he was mentored into the rarefied profession of magic which led him to an over 30yr long career of incredibly over 10,000 shows!

Featured video: Merlin Cosmos – ‘Love! A Mysterious Secret Magic’ (live) [2012]

Podcast #145

March 30, 2013

*Featuring an exclusive interview with Joe Keithley of the legendary punk band D.O.A *

Joe Keithley is a familiar voice on the airwaves of CiTR radio and a fixture on stages throughout North America thanks to his three decades of continuous creative output with his band D.O.A.   D.O.A were,  along with Black Flag, trailblazers of the DIY hardcore punk movement.   Through song and direct advocacy, Joe has contributed his energies to countless progressive causes including women’s rights, environmental issues, fair trade not free trade, union rights, anti-racism, anti-war, free speech and First Nations rights.  Today you can hear an exclusive interview with Joe as he reflects on touring Australia and speaks to the issues close to his heart that drove him to seek nomination recently for the NDP in the Coquitlam region.

We’re pleased to introduce to the airwaves Jacqueline Dawn, a Vancouver musician who has penned the delightful track ‘Side line’ and who is currently a regular performer at the Monday night open mike at Mr Brownstone’s on Main Street in Vancouver.

And a special bonus today, a super rare track by Twerbocleb from the Gnat EP (Scratch Records,1992) featuring Narduwar the Human Serviette on guest vocals!

INXS – ‘Burn For You’ [AU]
Bruce Cockburn – ‘Silver Wheels’ (live) [CA]
D.O.A – ‘The Enemy’ [CA]
D.O.A – ‘World War 3 ‘  [CA]
Interview with Joe Keithley Pt 1
D.O.A – ‘Rebel Kind’  [CA]
D.O.A – ‘I Live In A Car’  [CA]
Interview with Joe Keithley Pt 2
D.O.A – ‘We Occupy’  [CA]
D.O.A –  ‘General Strike (acoustic)’  [CA]
Hole In My Head – ‘Get Out’ [CA]
Hole In My Head -‘ Social Obligation’ [CA]
Jacqueline Dawn – ‘Side line'[CA]
John Pippus – ‘Howl At The Moon’ [CA]
Twerdocleb – ‘Saint Francis in the Wood’ (feat. Nardwuar) [CA]
PVT -‘ Homosapien’ [AU]

Featured video – D.O.A – ‘Rebel Kind’ (2010)

Stranded podcast #118

July 7, 2012

* Featuring Australian singer-songwriter Jason Lowe LIVE in the CiTR studio! *

There’s nothing I like more than inviting wandering Australian singer-songwriters in the studio to chat and strum some tunes.  Jason Lowe has recently landed in Vancouver, brand new record in hand, to experience life on the West Coast and play as much music as he can.  After only a couple of weeks in the city, Jason has booked a number of gigs and he found his way on the 99 B-line to join me in the studio.  Today you’ll hear some gorgeous numbers played live acoustically from his self-titled release.

Today we also travel back in time to revisit a couple of early INXS releases – ‘The Swing’ from 1984, just as the band was stepping up into prominence globally, and 1992’s  ‘Welcome to Whereever You Are’, which landed just as grunge was on the ascendency, leaving INXS with a dwindling fan base.

Jungal is an all-female Australian roots-rock band who are touring Western Canada presenting . I feature a live track from these Melbourne girls.  And coming up next week is the Vancouver Folk Fest so I preview a few of the bands on the bill of this great summer weekend.  MG.

INXS – ‘Original Sin’ [AU]
INXS – ‘I Send A Message’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Burn For You’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Heaven Sent’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Taste It’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Not Enough Time’ [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘Sails of Shimmer’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe –  ‘To The Wind and Roam’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘No Longer An Eden’ (live in the studio) [AU]
Jason Lowe – ‘Seas Of Sacred Song’ [AU]
Bombolese – ‘Not Cumbia Anymore’ [CA]
Canailles –  ‘Bien-etre’ [CA]
Jason Freeman-Foxx and the Opposite of Everything – ‘Caboose’ [CA]
Jungal – ‘Live song’ [AU]

Featured video – Jason Lowe – ‘Sails of Shimmer’ (2012)

Stranded playlist 2 Sept 2011

September 3, 2011

INXS – ‘Simple Simon’ [AU]
INXS – ‘We Are The Vegetables’  [AU]
INXS – ‘The One Thing’  [AU]
INXS – ‘To Look At You’  [AU]
INXS – ‘Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)’ [AU]
INXS – ‘Shine Like It Does’ [AU]
Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses – ‘What Do You Want Now?’ [AU]
Brothers Grimm and the Blue Murders – ‘Drunken Moon’ [AU]
The Re-Mains – ‘Your Reward’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘Super Happy Funtime’ [AU]
Regurgitator – ‘All Fake Everything’ [AU]
Aleks and the Ramps – ‘Bummer’ [AU]
3 Inches of Blood – ‘Lords of Change’ [CA]
Devin Townshend Project – ‘Fly’ [CA]
Sex With Strangers – ‘Two Theives’ [CA]

Featured video:  INXS – ‘The One Thing’ (1983)