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Stranded podcast #141

February 9, 2013

* Featuring the classic ‘Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow’ EP  by The Saints (1980) and a LIVE phone interview with Jack and Lisa from Gabriola Island band SHED *

I stumbled across an essential CD box-set at Zulu Records the past week containing the first three  records from the second incarnation of The Saints following their split with EMI.  Chris Bailey soldiered on and formed a new band in London, England and immediately recorded the ‘Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow’ EP, which you can here in full today’s show!  Taken from the box-set liner notes:  ‘This is the sound of somebody that wants to/has to make records rather than fulfill a release schedule…It is raw, the sound rough, open and passionate.’

This week is our second feature on the upcoming Red Jam Slam, a celebration of First Nations musicians and spoken word artists, that is taking place in Vancouver on 14 February.  Today we feature two new tracks from the upcoming second album by SHED from Gabriola Island, who are playing the Slam (the rollicking ‘Last Call’ is a must hear!). And joining us on the phone for a chat is husband and wife team Jack and Lisa – guitar/vox and drums respectively – of this wonderfully eclectic band.

The Saints – ‘Simple Love’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Don’t Send Me Roses’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Miss Wonderful’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘On The Waterfront’ [AU]
The Saints – ‘Call It Mine’ [AU]
Gunargie O’Sullivan talking about the Red Jam Slam.
SHED – ‘Hold On’ [CA]
Interview with Jack and Lisa from SHED
SHED – Last Call’ [CA]

Featured video – Chris Bailey of The Saints live on ABC TV – ‘Let’s Pretend’

Stranded podcast #140

February 2, 2013

* Featuring live studio guest First Nations teacher and musician Larry Hanson, who is performing at the Red Jam Slam event at the Interurban Gallery in Vancouver on Feb 14 *

I had the fortune to travel to Seattle, WA this week to see the great Australian singer-songwrier Paul Kelly live in concert at the Triple Door, and interview him backstage at soundcheck!  You can look forward to hearing the interview at an upcoming show but for now you can enjoy two tracks from Paul’s beautiful 19th album Spring and Fall, which is a return to stripped-back solo acoustic music.

This year’s Red Jam Slam event, organized by Gunargie O’Sullivan of Co-op Radio is coming up at the Interurban Gallery in Vancouver on Feb 14.  The event features a host of First Nations musical and spoken word talent, including today’s studio guest, Larry Hanson.  Larry, who has a degree in history from UBC, is an adult education teacher and musician who recorded his debut full-length album in 2010.  Today Larry speaks about his work as a teacher and the Idle No More movement and plays tracks from his record ‘Rez Warriors’. Larry’s wife Helen also joins us and speaks about her valuable work helping to preserve the language of her people through First Voices.

Paul Kelly – ‘New Found Year’ [AU]
Paul Kelly – ‘Cold As Canada’ [AU]
Interview with Larry and Helen Hanson Pt 1
Larry Hanson – ‘Elders’ [CA]
Interview with Larry and Helen Hanson Pt 2
Larry Hanson – ‘Pass the Feather On’ [CA]
Interview with Larry and Helen Hanson Pt 3
Gunargie O’Sullivan speaking about the Red Jam Slam Event
Dalannah Gail Bowen – ‘My Blues Keep Bringin’ Me Home’ [CA]
Interview with Larry and Helen Hanson Pt 4
Larry Hanson – ‘Residential School’ [CA]

Featured video:  Larry Hanson – ‘Pass the Feather On’  (2010)

Stranded podcast #138

January 12, 2013

* Featuring tracks from the two EPs by first-generation punk band The Victims from Perth, WA and a two part interview with First Nations Blues musician Murray Porter *

First up on the show I feature tracks from The Victims who were active in Perth, WA from 1977-79.  On vocals and guitar is Dave Faulkner, who went on to become the front man of the legendary Hoodoo Gurus. ‘Television Addict’ is the band’s signature single, being a mainstay on many punk/garage compilations and covered by bands such as You Am I and Hellacopters.

Today I pay tribute to Peter Gordon, a member of 60s British pop duo The Marbles, who scored an international hit with the song ‘Only One Woman‘.  Peter, who passed away this past week, immigrated to Australia in the 1950s where he became friends with the Bee Gees when they were first starting out.  Peter played lead guitar on some early Bee Gees songs before relocating back to England and eventually forming The Marbles with his cousin Graham. Thanks to Peter Foldy for letting the listeners know about this wonderful act from a golden-age of pop music.

The First Nations self determination Idle No More movement is gaining momentum in Canada so this week is a great time to revisit the interview with inspiring First Nations blues musician Murray Porter.  Part 1 was aired last December but on today’s show you can hear both parts 1 and 2.  Following this you can enjoy three more amazing contemporary Canadian First Nations artists who are all performing this weekend at the Native America North Showcase in New York City –  Elisapie, Don Amero and Digging Roots.

“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water.” (

The Victims – ‘Television Addict’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘I’m Flipped Out Over You’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘I Understand’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘Open Your Eyes’ [AU]
The Victims – ‘High School Girls’ [AU]
The Marbles – ‘The Walls Fell Down’ [UK/AU]
The Marbles – ‘Only One Woman’ [UK/AU]
Murray Porter – ‘Is Sorry Enough’ [CA]
Interview with Murray Porter Part 1
Murray Porter – ‘Rez Blues’ [CA]
Interview with Murray Porter Part 2
Murray Porter – ‘Set My Love Free’ [CA]
Elisapie – ‘Life Is What You Make It’ [CA]
Don Amero – ‘What Do You Wanna Do?’ [CA]
Digging Roots – ‘Spring to Come’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Walk Like A Giant’ [CA]

Featured video – The Victims – ‘Television Addict’ (1977)