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Stranded podcast #265

September 24, 2015
  • Featuring the ‘Human Frailty’ album by Hunters and Collectors *

Along with a great mix of new Canadian music, this week we also feature all four of the singles from the classic Hunters and Collectors album ‘Human Frailty’. I lucked upon a CD copy of the album at Zulu records recently (thanks Grant!). Led by songwriter Mark Seymour, Hunters and Collectors formed in 1981 in Melbourne and by the time of recording ‘Human Frailty’ had become a powerful presence on the Australian pub rock scene. This 1986 landmark record for the band was noted for it’s effective melding of guitar and horn driven hard rock and intense lyrics about sexual politics and alienation. Featuring such classic songs as ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ It’s a fine entry point into the catalogue of one of the all time great Australian bands.

Featured video: Hunters and Collectors – ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ (1986)

Stranded podcast #197

May 3, 2014

* Featuring LIVE music from Vancouver band The Savoys *

We have another quality local band on the show today – The Savoys!  With a debut EP just released online, thanks to the production assistance of local legend Felix Fung (who has likened The Savoys to Aussie band The Twerps), this good-natured four-piece is gearing up to show Vancouver, and beyond, what they have to offer.  You may already know them under the name Days of Heaven.  Their name change coincided with the addition of new drummer Barnaby who immigrated to Vancouver from his native Peru less than a year ago.  Listen in to a solid live set and a brief chat with this great new Vancouver band.

Featured video: The Middle Names – ‘Remember Me At All’ [2014]